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Clash of Clans ♦ STRAIGHT Talk About the Update / Changes ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. Horrid update no confusion I can't farm up loot because the army I have to train costs a lot and I'm getting attacked a lot I can't gain loot it's horrid for the average player

  2. I guess it's typical of people these days, but everyone seems to have their head up their asses about the way THEY play, and don't give a shit about the way the community itself plays. The reason this game took off like it did was because it catered to so many different styles of playing, hell I even took a six month break and did nothing but collect resources every now and then to keep the base ticking over. The alternative would have been to quit, and anyone who thinks their coc experience will be improved by even 10-20% quitting the game, they just aren't thinking. If you think I'm being dramatic go check the app store reviews. Was the previous system so bad I'll assume not seeing as every single current user both signed up and built big bases under it that completely revamping it is worth this turmoil? Someone needs to tell the developers that no one cares what their intentions were, they should just be grateful they stumbled onto a winning system that encompassed millions of people. Viagra was originally heart medicine; but do you see the manufacturers crying over their intentions or counting their blessings?

  3. Clash of clans sucks now!!!

  4. Gali, if SC isn't giving you gems for your services and you're making these vids for a living basically…. Just how much are you getting paid that you can drop that much in just GEMS?!  Like really…  Must be nice.  XPLove your vids bro, very informative.

  5. Yes I completely agree with you galadon you can't do anything I just hope supercell sees this and realizes that they're messing up-to-date they changed too many things too fast

  6. The most annoying bug in this update is that, the "Orange Signal Bar" always appears even though I am infront of my Wi-Fi, it has 5 Lights so it is okay. But I lost 2 War Attacks because of the fucking Signal Bug. Please Supercell, fix that.

  7. The most annoying bug in this update is that, the "Orange Signal Bar" always appears even though I am infront of my Wi-Fi, it has 5 Lights so it is okay. But I lost 2 War Attacks because of the fucking Signal Bug. Please Supercell, fix that.

  8. U speak for the clash family ????

  9. I used to love this game now it's just not fun anymore… I'm a th10 and getting loot us almost impossible…. Supercell wants full attacks well cut troop and hero cook time by 75%! Who wants to attack every 2 hrs or more…. Not me! Before I could barch a 2 ir 4hr session and keep my builders nonstop and now…. I get not satisfaction because accomplish nothing with 1 attack every 2hrs! If they don't fix soon myself and my whole clan are moving on to a new game… We are already scoping out some!

  10. what is your clan

  11. what is your clan

  12. He hit the nail on the head when he said "i don't have the answers", of course he doesn't, none of us do; but none of this needed to happen in the first place. I have played for 3+ years, created and ran multiple clans, and in all that time I never heard one person complain about the shield system that was in place. Not one. Why? Because that's the way the game always was and regardless of what their intentions were at the beginning, people playing casually used the old shield system to free them up to play when they could. If you are only able to raid four or five times per day-and there are many people who are that busy- and you never have a shield, how do you ever save 7m for an upgrade? Without a shield how do you protect the resources you mine overnight? No, there are many users who would not have committed this amount of time and effort over the years if they were forced to be pushers and hardcore, high frequency raiders. The beauty of the old coc was that it allowed for all sorts to play and progress. Now this ego trip 'we tell you how to play our game' has made people realize they bought a lemon.

  13. Man… Im max th8 and been trying to upgrade to th9 and cant because it keeps crashing everytime i tap on the town hall!!

  14. The 30 seconds added to war time was not for the war community !

  15. It's had me on personal break for five hours.

  16. Galadon: the eagle artillery doesn't do much damage

    7:50 the eagle artillery just fucking took out the archer queen with almost half health

  17. Need to bring farming back for level 8 and 9 th. I agree with it for a max trophy pusher however you have to get to max and it's near impossible for us these days.

  18. It angers me when Galadon complains about Witches it pisses me off
    Because he's wrong it's not overpowered level 3 witches are only three starring bad base designs

  19. im not sure if this was a result from the update or not but there has been a huge decrease in the amount of inactive bases, i have spent well over 400k just to barch an inactive base. It could perhaps be the league i am in and if that is the case does anyone have any suggestions as to where the inactive bases are.

  20. 1. They should make the personal timer 6 hours. Make the system it like before, with the exception of break, it is a five minute break if you go offline, that was a good addition. Lose the guard and all the other timer mechanics. After 6 hours there is a half hour break or if you take a half hour break in between, it resets it to 6 hours.

    2. They should make the 30% shield rule only for Titan league and higher. This is where more people care about trophies vs resource. This is also where the gemmer mostly exists for the Supercell's revenue stream. Townhall sniping should be fine but leaving loot in there is a good incentive for some not to leave it out.

    3. This update was more about make their revenue stream users happier. I don't do that so I don't know and don't have a comment.

    4. In short, Titan league and higher, your can have your complicated rules, if you are there you might spend more time understanding the nuances of the league and new rules. The rest of us are playing house league. Less complicated rules and more casual.

    5. The COC players in our clan have based their judgement the update on these points:
    A. Things take possibly twice as long to save for since you might be losing 25%-50% before you can implement the upgrade.
    B. Raiding is marginally better, but at what cost? 100k more but you could have made that through a snipe.
    C. You are raiding less because your army composition is more specific due to new percentage nuances, or you are raid less effectively. It is literally a double hit.

    If I wanted things to be harder Supercell, I would just get a second job. This almost feels like a job now.