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Clash of Clans ♦ THIS CAN’T WORK – Or Can It? ♦

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  1. the poison spell made a lot of difference in the last attack too. a lot of players forget to bring one

  2. I believe Galadon,is slowly being done with clash of clan. Same for Spencer23$.. it's a shame because I like their videos.

  3. Don't remember when was the last time I saw an attack from you in Coc

  4. Im a th8 thats using gowipe

  5. at 3:38 its a 1,6 million loot ?

  6. Well if Donald trump can make America great again, then why can't supercell make COC great again. At least I hope XDD

  7. more base layouts and attack strategies pls. more COC videos too

  8. Gallydon. ;-)

  9. Galadon the type of guy sells his TV to pay his cable bill

  10. first

  11. #GalaFam

  12. Where is galadon from???


  14. my clan 3 starred this base in war

  15. Daumen hoch für marco/martin/nico?✌ BREAKLESS

  16. I am th9. I use 8 giants, 4 healers, 7 wizard and 12 valks. (Without heroes). This attack can get 25-30% 1 star vs th10s and 11s (in crystal and master league) and earn you 3000-4000 DE.
    Why don't you try it on your th9 account?
    PS; I learned this attack from Clash with Ash

  17. it took you forever to do a video on this?

  18. I unsubscribe, why do I continue seeing these videos as recommendation

  19. made my day

  20. Gladon please I need base protect DE TH9

  21. I love you so much galadoj

  22. We-go-bowling?

  23. Galera se inscreve no meu canal ! Nao obrigo a ninguem !Estou apenas querendo mostra meus conteudos para voceis !

  24. galadon can u make a detailed video of how to funnel valks at th 10? thanks!

  25. give me a shoutout gala

  26. A variation of the Donut Base won a defense? Fake!

  27. this video proves how less skill trophy psuhing requires … players in legends above 5000 dont know how to funnel ? i learned it at th8 and the majority of the layers also did around that time ………….. AND THOSE 2 JUMP SPELLS PLACED SO CLOSE …. WHY DOES HE NEED 2 JUMPS TO MAKE ONE FKIN FUNNEL … LMAO… #pay2win

  28. Gala just admit it …. It only takes tame and no skill maybe a tiny bit to reach legends or lower leuges like titan …. Like look at those attacks no skill

  29. بدون أمر
    ارجوا لكل تنشر هذا الهاشتاك بكل البيجات …..
    منذ 13 سنة بغداد تنزف وتعطي الدماء الطاهرة الزكية وما من ملتفت … بغداد العروبة …
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    #भरो बगदाद

  30. damnit!! tried to be first

  31. im early, i love ur vids, keep up the good work

  32. I abandoned my CoC account since Clash Royale was released globally…

  33. Like= clash of clans
    Ignore= clash Royale

  34. I wish in clash royale there would be like costumes for each troop just like clash of clans cause max level valkyrie is so hot