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Clash of Clans ♦ Three Star Clan War SPECIALIST? ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. yo

  2. I think Galadon Is Still Sticking Out With Clash Of Clans

  3. more CoC videos pls, stop doing only Clash Royale

  4. sad puppos

  5. I dont think they're gonna add level 12 walls, I think they will add more hp to the walls because level 11 walls are already expensive.

  6. galadon why u so old

  7. I really hope Supercell doesn't nerf em like they did the witches

  8. I really hope Supercell doesn't nerf em like they did the witches

  9. Which LP Clan is good fr th7

  10. Seriously, if supercell nerf the Valkyries, they are once again going to be useless. This is a time for them to shine and I think devs should keep it like this. Plus, instead of nerfing, why not add new defense or like Galadon said, lvl 12 walls.

  11. hey galladon don't you mean level 13 walls

  12. xmod?

  13. let me guess the video about failing is about other people but not about your clan

  14. I think super cell should consider adding a holding camp starting at TH 8 -50 troop space TH 9-60 space Th 10-11 -70 troop space. For donations & war cc fill this camp would be so helpful this camp for donations only these troops not for attack use. What do U think ?

  15. it will be cool if the hog not the person the hog will die then then they became ground troops instead of animal troop

  16. But if there will be lvl12 walls..lvl7 wallbreakers confirmed?

  17. hey galadon I may have a video for u come in my clan and see our war u will be surprised here is our clan tag come see our war and I'm sure we will surprise u #9lppr8jr

  18. Since Galadon is getting 3 stars now, maybe they should nerf them. lolzz

  19. What?!?? Galadon is a three star specialist? umm i think Glider must have had Galadon's IPad at the time…. no?…. ok ok

  20. I don't know why all YouTuber's wastes their time playing COC?.. They think COC is an educational game

  21. great! like!)

  22. Wtf? 6.52 warden jumps over wall?

  23. Sub to my channel for epic vids

  24. Supercell if you are reading these PLEASE DON'T NERF VALKYRIES.I hate when troops get nerfed so much,there is always a better way

  25. Hey galadon

  26. Whos watching in 2016:D?

  27. Wow valkie op

  28. My dad is on strike, he works at verison, but he doesn't have a problem with it and his boss has to do his work for him and everyone else, please like this so everyone sees it.

  29. if you pause this at 7:54, youll see the valkary with the barbarian king /:3

  30. Does Galadon reply to early YouTube comments?

  31. beautiful work I'm really enjoying Galadon, keep it

  32. A blind date walks in to a bar.

  33. Valks are too OP

  34. very good, ataks perfect

  35. Haha early again

  36. AWESOME!!!

  37. Does Galadon relpy to comments? BTW Im not trying to get him to reply.

  38. I think Supercell should add a valkdestroyer so tell Supercell to make one

  39. galadon

  40. gakadon your full attack can for th8 is now level 10

  41. Great Video Galadon