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Clash of Clans ♦ Town Hall 8 Clan War Bases ♦ FUTURE of Clan Wars ♦

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  1. I like when people set their bases up against hogs and i can just crush them with drags or govalo

  2. Now with this update Iam gonna be a th9 soon, is going the .5 path viable?? after the war update?

  3. Self and Well designed anti 3* bases are great

  4. 'Difficult to 'Xecute', i heared you!' Stupid xmodders..

  5. anyone else who gets wrecked by noob th8s with lvl 3 dragons? I always have around 2k dark and 200k each and it seems that they attract some fucking assholes…

  6. why is your view count dwindling

  7. Waiting for a ready up system where if both leaders agree they can skip part of prep day, they can ready up whenever

  8. Best channel ever and clash of clans and clash royale are soooo fun

  9. Best channel ever and clash of clans and clash royale are soooo fun

  10. dear galadon, I don't get any epics in CR, just got a baby dragon from the trainer's and a prince from a magical chest… m in arena 3 now… :/ don't get any epics!! pls convey this to the CR team if u can….

  11. Great content as always! Can you make on how to start a youtube channel?

  12. More clan perks!


  14. can i join your clan

  15. Clash of Clans is dying :(

  16. Can you post a th7 video<3

  17. Plz don't share the good bases….plz gal plz

  18. Sub to me, and ill sub back, just say sub and ill sub to u 🙂 nice vid man!!

  19. still waiting for that extra war win bonus for winning a certain amount of consecutive wars

  20. hey Galadon…. what did Peter 17$ said at the end of the video? Btw…love your videos….epic voice!!!!!

  21. Yes, I think some sort of war ranking/league system will be essential. Matching against clans with similar war record will bring closer wars, but seeing your war record drop from 90% win rate to 50% overnight will be incredibly frustrating unless there's some sort of ranking/league system to judge your progress by instead.

  22. benim kendi.duzenlerim daha iyi la

  23. Bullshit, the first one can be 3 starred with drags.

  24. There will always be "cheating" with any game. You will never get rid of "cheating" or "cheaters" imo

  25. aaand some sort of stop the modding sistem would surelly temporary decrease some numbers of players…but…INCREASE so much the game quality in war … wich will probably save and prolongue more people 's life's in the game, you match well ..but its all pointless as long as deep down..there is someone beating you arround the bush…This was a rant by a person who is in a clan that got a FAIR matchup against such a competitive type of clan twice in a week :(. Thats the no1 biggest problem, and it is being dodged forever now

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  27. We should be able to test out bases from our clan members like raid them with our own troops or have a friendly battle system like in clash royale

  28. Btw your intro says your Channel name is Clash of Clan Attacks but its…………….leave it

  29. how the heck do you make such good vids? i tried, but mine looks like crap

  30. Galadon you're name is way too long do it like this: Galadon Gaming – Clash And More

  31. thanks for video

  32. wow i never thought you would put Clash royale before clash of clans in you channel name given that you basically originated through CoC.. damn CoC is really dying, isnt it? :(