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Clash of Clans ♦ TROLL War! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. can i join?

  2. Ugh. Coc is sooooo 2015. Drop this silly game and go clash royale already. It's inevitable

  3. I got kicked out of the clan

  4. "Maxed teslas" (first attack) uhh those are level 7 :v

  5. For more Gob attacks !

  6. Do a full wallbreaker war!! xD

  7. When the teslas aren't actually maxed…

  8. Wait, if those are maxed teslas then how do I have level 8's??? Is it a glitch or am I just special? Does anyone have a th12 or level 4 inferno towers or anything else crazy?!? ?

  9. Dude you are really cool ?? I wish everyone else at this day and age could be as free spirited as you ?? really enjoy the videos and the time you take to make them Thanks ?

  10. Copying godson…..

  11. They were only a level 9 clan lol


  13. Hey what's the name of your clans

  14. I was I that clan I was gotez

  15. When is the next update?

  16. ا ه ا

  17. lol this was great! you gotta do this again

  18. lel 120 stars is alot

  19. Who plays clash royale?

  20. bahaha epiglottis. :D

  21. Selling my Town Hall level 9 base )not rushed ) for cheap anyone interested leave your kik here I have proof

  22. Ummm they weren't exactly maxed teslas

  23. That weird moment when Galadon said "Come at me bro" lol

  24. Galadon, is it hard being that freaking savage?

  25. we really need some animations for clash royale

  26. Great Episode Gal!!

  27. Leaving to my ski break tommorow… iPad staying home… I'll see you after 5 days, Galadon :)

  28. Epiglottis haha your sneaky words are always amusing

  29. Just made a new YouTube channel and uploaded a new CLASH ROYALE vid. Go check it out

  30. Guys check out this clan #202v9gjj its a level 11 clan

  31. Nice video Galadon:)

  32. Love your videos:)

  33. MORE TROLL WAR!!!!!

  34. Keep this comment on an even number of likes

  35. goblins have always been the most overpowerd troop… especially the health…

  36. those teslas weren't maxed out

  37. WOW gallydon! i remember watching your videos daily.But stopped when my clash of clans email was deleted:( just came by to check how much you have gained subscribers.

  38. 1:02 I didn't know Teslas came out of their hidden state if you reach 50% even if there are no troops close to them… pretty cool… never realized xD

  39. Nice vid man but plz do more clash vids not neccesarily clash Royale plz

  40. Please check out my youtube channel I just started and would like some suppport