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Clash of Clans ♦ ‘UNBEATABLE’ Base WINS a Clan War! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. probably the best gamer in the world is galadon (jk) :P

  2. I wuld certainly love to see more fails , lol

  3. Damm. Your a good reporter

  4. #2StarsWinWars

  5. all the attempt came from the same spot ?, take the eagle first at least.

  6. damn galadon

  7. best just 2 stars :)

  8. galydon pls back the old opening songs

  9. Good video but I didn't like the intro music like a few others

  10. 2 stars dont win wars……. GEM BOXES DO!

  11. hey Galadon  just a tip for TH 6  … silver one is great for farming right now  getting gold and elixar up before going into the DE Love youre show

  12. noooo I like the intro song better!!!!

  13. Damn Galadon. Back at it again with another coc video ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  14. Why did he say BRAZIELL

  15. My clan just lost 2 wars we won 178 and a lvl 6 clan :)

  16. Please , We want that old music!!!

  17. Galadon finally realises that he can know 2 songa at the same time

  18. The music in Of intro is bad

  19. This music is way better for Spotlight

  20. Kids in Africa could have eaten that base

  21. #2starswinwars Molt Math

  22. Galadon pleaseee use the other intro music T_T

  23. I'm a th9 and it hasn't got 3 stars I was 99% twice lol

  24. plzz reply me galadon

  25. can you make a tawn hall 9 war base anti two stars :)

  26. please use the old music :'(

  27. Tinha q ser clan BR mds, atacaram mal em tds ataques hue

  28. Am I the only one who isnt watching Galadon's video because you changed that intro music?

    Please bring that intro back Galadon 🙂
    Your fan forever.
    Himank(th9/15 heroes each/level 9 walls/max troops)

  29. Nice Vid Galadon 😀 <3

  30. #2starswinwar

  31. Galadon


  33. this intro is good

  34. maintenance for what?

  35. Galadon please switch to the other intro music.

  36. This comment has herpes
    1 Like = 1 Support

  37. great fighting in clash

  38. I'm sorry but a max TH9 could 2 star this using an AQ walk on the bottom that takes out the entire bottom section (rage spells only), then just spam in dragons on the Town Hall…

  39. Haha dirk good attack! I love the different army! I have never seen it before