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  1. I won't be one of those haters and say it's clickbait, because I was going to watch the video anyway

  2. Why the fuck are u click baiting poeple?? I thought u were better galadon

  3. People are still playing this game after that last update? We've moved on folks. Get over it.

  4. I'm missing farming pre update ): I miss being given an easy shield, now people get 29% get loot and end the battle, so annoying I'm not a noob either

  5. disappointed with the clickbait tbh

  6. Can i join please? im th 7 maxed all..

  7. click bait

  8. dang so you claim this on your taxes gallydon?

  9. Congrats galadon nearly 1M subscriber.

  10. Not only is the update crap but galadon is hopeless now too. The update will force you to get a real job as everyone quits the game

  11. The queen glitched in the tesla at 6:00

  12. the new update ruined the game

  13. OMG i just love your intro! Your amazing Galadon!!

  14. there is no loot simply anywhere

  15. Galadon. What was the first Christmas tree

  16. join my clan > The Specialist < from canada

  17. my name is dr.lino pls recommend me in some lp clans

  18. galadon i need to join a lp clan iam th9 max

  19. is the war matchmaking system broken cause we just got paired with a clan level 3 and we are level 5???????

  20. Hello Gan! I would like to know if you wanted to message using line? I'm a huge fan and I just wanted to touch base with one of my favorite youtubers out there!