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Clash of Clans ♦ Valkyries = LOSERS ♦ CoC Fails ♦

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  1. silly misleading title… #Galaidiot

  2. wardens ability + wallbreaker what will happen?

  3. Valks are OP JUST AT TH10.
    Remember they're lvl 5 all the way from TH10 so if you're using lvl 5 valks at TH11 with TH11 defences they're bound to also be killed aswell because of the fact that they're meant to defend against TH10s

  4. I swear these attackers were fucking high when they did these attacks

  5. we need town hall 8 episodes.

  6. I just started using mass valks and this happens

  7. Anyone know the reference of caboose?

  8. Too early let me think of a joke

  9. Hi happy B day galadon

  10. Your content is getting good

  11. Dont forget to leave your daily dislike!

  12. Holy crap I'm early, better make a joke!

    Early jokes.

  13. and some people think pushing takes skill lmao

  14. galadon
    please make a new stream clan for the tourney
    I really like to battle you on clash royale

    i just started using your same deck
    and it pushed me 300+ trophies

    I Am a Big fan to galadon

  15. hey niggas

  16. gosh i thought i was bad at attacking but then i saw these replays. come on people, learn to funnel it's not that hard lol

  17. Galadon when are you gonna stream again on Kamcord

  18. L

  19. 2 Valkyries went towards the middle not one

  20. yo

  21. you are awesome ☺??

  22. 34th LOL


  24. they arent weak just these atackers are noobs and they misplaced trops and spels…

  25. hi

  26. valks are like hogs now

  27. I am early so let me think of a joke

  28. I am in BNPM plan at this moment

  29. im early wooho

  30. 1st

  31. Hi galadon

  32. Second

  33. First Like + first matcher

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  35. come to are clan ♥♡MAROC♡♥

  36. Replyyyyy plzzz

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