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Clash Of Clans – 1 TROOP TYPE vs TOWN HALL 11! – Trolling Using All Mass Troops!

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  2. Lmao 4:28 which is what we want don't u mean witch is what we want

  3. valks best

  4. Hey guys its very intreasting a video of his sister and he on tns fitness at first his sister reaveled his name his name is Anthony see the video you will know it it is in the first 5 sec go check GENERAL TONY EXPOSED

  5. I don't win a lot idc

  6. #supercellwhathaveyoudone

  7. Wb's are the best. ! Dreaming of doing witch attacks since i was th4 . Just now came th9 and supercell raped them :(

  8. #supercellwhathaveyoudone

  9. Wall breakers are good defensive cc t giant healer barch atacks with groups of the troops

  10. Wtf supercell -,-

  11. What have you done?!?!?!?!?!

  12. Nice clip from start fun you!
    And can I join ur clan plz,
    I'm a th8 lvl 79 I got lots of lvl 5 troops but I haven't upgraded my dark troops yet
    Plz Tony!
    Best Wishes..

  13. wowwwww

  14. woe

  15. i want to join ur clan G Tony

  16. you is my best coc youtuber ??

  17. General Tony, would u like me to make you an intro for you. it's really easy just tell me what u would like. message me if u would like to. or text me on kik instafamous33

  18. supercell what have you done

  19. Can i join u plzzz

  20. if you say triple star one more fucking time

  21. nice video,tnx

  22. valks vaporize thing

  23. Rip witches

  24. can I join your clan general tony????

  25. Pretentious fuck.

  26. Bowler

  27. 100k likes? Boy you must be trippin lol

  28. #supercell what have you done !!

  29. Nice, the ebolwer virus strikes again

  30. keep it up tony

  31. I waited so long to get witches and they sucks now. I don't even use them at all smh