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Clash Of Clans – 1 VALKYRIE vs. 100 MEN!!! TROLL RAIDS!! (Rage Speed GLITCH?!!!)

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  1. almost 2 million subs :)´╗┐

  2. I think Valkyrie is one of the fastest attacking´╗┐

  3. Balloons need a buff because they attack very very slow´╗┐

  4. lol 1:53 close your eyes´╗┐

  5. lol!!!!!´╗┐

  6. How dumbass your clan is ?? they seriously dont care about wars -_- -_-´╗┐

  7. lol I used to think valks were some sort of hero cuz I would swarm them´╗┐

  8. it's not a glitch, its why i don't do all barb raid's anymore *crys´╗┐


  10. sweet´╗┐

  11. Her hair is too hot to hit for men xD´╗┐

  12. Do inferno tower vs all barbarians´╗┐

  13. keep up the good work godson´╗┐

  14. Lol what a fucking noob taking all barbs ??´╗┐

  15. come and subscribe to my channel I play CLash of clans´╗┐

  16. usually they take longer to attack´╗┐

  17. Valkyrie attacking that fast without rage spell?!?´╗┐

  18. That happened to me alot when I was low a noob ?´╗┐

  19. I'm trying to get to 50 subs by Christmas. if anyone wants to help me, I'd appreciate it :)´╗┐

  20. Since when does Valkyrie attack so fast´╗┐