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Clash Of Clans – 10 LAVALHOUNDS W/ CLONE SPELLS!!! (Mass raid against TH11)

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  1. Allahu Akbar!!!!

  2. longer videos pls godson

  3. I don't play CoC anymore but I still enjoy your videos.

  4. best intro

  5. best intro

  6. quem e br

  7. quem e br

  8. Liked the intro

  9. 1 like : Your MOM dies
    1 comment : you crush dies
    1 sub : you friend dies

    ingore : Insta Billionaire

    GL boiiiisss

  10. wow that wall breaker, archer and barbarian funny intro

  11. how he stop the barrack speed up? sry for bad english

  12. اشتراك ابقناتي مردوده

  13. Godson do youtube on Troll Bros with me SHOCKER10

  14. Love your intro Godson!!!

  15. Yo

  16. The lava hound hes a buff

  17. not fail at all getting 1 star with only lava hounds MLGGGGGGG

  18. Subscribe to me and I'll subscribe back with 7 accounts ☺

    I'm not lying I will do it I swear

  19. Admit it, coc is garbage

  20. Godson why aren't your videos live and way back in not up to date?

  21. Sub me pls

  22. The last time I was this early, Britain was still in the EU.

  23. The last time I was this early the UK was still in the EU!

  24. Mumbo…… let go

  25. Wait this video was posted just today? Tf I thought this was an old video

  26. "LAVALHOUNDS" The fuck?

  27. 1st

  28. You must be running out of ideas

  29. Lavalhounds? LVL 10 LAVALHOUNDS???

  30. Do immortal giant and the healers are cloned.