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Clash Of Clans | 100 Minions and 400000+ Gold

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  1. Boring ….. U should rather commentate a little more without stammering bro

  2. I came to this channel for CoD content… Not clash…

  3. Atta why it closed ;(,,,,,,, it ment to be meh crying

  4. I've already made this video but yours is a lot better

  5. Nice videos on CoC!

  6. Do not use goblins!!!! They are very bad

  7. atakski u should learn from ur brother XD

  8. atta chaged to clash of clans then cam switched to vidio game…

  9. play with cam

  10. 699 views

  11. #askatta what are some of you're Favorite bands or artists. This is Sōjirō

  12. Can you make a Clash royale vid?

  13. we will win this war!! sōjirō

  14. Why does it cost my soul to join your clan….your family must hate me lol…

  15. #attadosentsuckatattacking!!! lol!

  16. Atta your forgot to comentate on certain parts ?

  17. Can you continue CQOTD:Can you do a video with your brothers blindfolded attacks on Clash of Clans

  18. hey atta

  19. lol

  20. minions for days

  21. shit I'm earlt

  22. atta can u make them longer plz plz plzzzz

  23. #StopMaizie!!some people will get it

  24. no comment questions

  25. Atta Army is closed, join Atta Refugees (feeder clan) and earn a spot in Army

  26. Good Job! Anotha one

  27. good video

  28. Keep up the good work.

  29. nice

  30. woah epic cool!! i wish you and chris should make a collab video in clash of clans even though quit tht would be wicked awesome teo brothers battling and looting

  31. why is your clan closed?

  32. when you play more bo3?

  33. failed first comment

  34. atta your amazing

  35. Atta your amazing

  36. amazing gameplay?