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Clash Of Clans – 100 WALLBREAKERS X Builder hut Troll (Troll bros)

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  1. It bottle of spell

  2. Number 20 looks like a grenade

  3. it looks like a pool with a diving board

  4. 3 star with all goblins? that's gangsta

  5. it was a pool and diving pool

  6. Clutch gobs

  7. In clash royale

  8. I'm level5

  9. I got 1 percent but I used lvl1 bk

  10. Popsicle

  11. More plz upset put witches for the town hall 4 or 5 because they will lose so try witches

  12. Pool with diving board bruh

  13. Goblin attack was epic

  14. its a diving board with a pool?

  15. MY BASE 1ST. @ 10.sec YEAA!!

  16. Base 20 looks like a sub ohm tank with a box mod, your welcome godson.


  18. Yo Godson the war was already over Whata Fuck

  19. lolololol goblins for the win!!!

  20. So this guy comes to my clan saying that he is you his name is godson on the profile I'm not sure if I should believe him. The name of the clan is Black Stripes. I that really was you im sorry for trying to see if you were wrong or not but I just had to see if it was true.

  21. its a pool

  22. thors hammer maybe

  23. I love the queen with shotgun sound, lmao

  24. Godson is losing views

  25. :D

  26. u should as the guy that was using that base

  27. great video! :-)

  28. That goblin attack was funny to me

  29. It's a base of the air sweeper

  30. Looooool

  31. I would love to see a clash of clans let's play godson (:

  32. Pool with diving board