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Clash of Clans – 11 Straight Clan War WINS?

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  1. Dear Patrick, congrats bro. When is the new update coming out???

  2. Were on a 12 straight clan win??

  3. You need to do more challenges i love watching them and nice job on your wars?I love watching you?

  4. Hey patt when I'm on Canada Apple ID how can I get clash royals gems

  5. Awesome! Love the vids Chief Pat. Thanks for keeping us informed and congrats on the streak. All time best in our clan, Smithlords, is 31 straight!

  6. Well the 44 clans aren't the best clan warriors

  7. nice

  8. Can I join your clan please

  9. "Another pair left hanging in this base"
    -Chief Pat 2016
    ? lmao pat you crack me up sometimes

  10. HI I'm a big fan, your good

  11. #Sky44 ?

  12. please make it happened

  13. Clan trophies might be an awesome idea, based on the war wins. If you win, you gain trophies, if you lose, you lose from the opponent

  14. Aye Pat u guys should do an arrange war against OneHive that war would be nice

  15. It he loves valks so much why does he never use them lol

  16. +PlayClashOfClans

  17. Did he give up on journey to legends?If not wanna see the next episode.

  18. Where'd the push to legends leauge go?

  19. Why didnt u attack Pat U got 0 war bonus'

  20. Nice victory! Nice attacks too, good luck with the streak!

  21. how about android?

  22. we are also going for our 11th win in a row, we are The Clans Men, and we are recruiting th8s plus no rushed bases req to join with key word Jon and we will let you in

  23. Will u ever make another chief pat 2 lets play?

  24. 11 straight war wins? That's nothing, my clan, dogma donors, has 50 straight war wins.

  25. Ha we already have a 11 straight war wins

  26. my clan has 14 winning streak tho..

  27. lmao my clan is on a 46 war win streak. no joke

  28. My clan has lost 16 on the trott. It's pairing us up very badly

  29. ✌out

  30. pat plz can u message supercell and ask if they can release clash royale for us android plz i would really apprietiate it :)

  31. The new update is disappointing in my opinion, only good thing will be the daily challenge…

  32. Chief pats clash royal replay that came out recently shows him losing #exposed

  33. Great video Pat!

  34. Our clan currently on a 52 war win streak!!

  35. Clan عراقين ✌?️✌???

  36. 0 war loot bonus Pat??

  37. My Clan has had a streak of 15 before! Lol

  38. "Volkerie"

  39. very impressive

  40. We went on an 18 war win streak, was pretty fun

  41. I got that 3 star…. AKA The Witcher ;)

  42. chief can i join ur can. im a really good 3 attacker

  43. when is the daily reward loot?

  44. Mass witch attacks?!!

  45. Everytime pat starts his video it really looks like "whale cum" now listen again… You can't unhear it xD

  46. onehive have a 54 straight wim

  47. someone wants to enter my clan: #QYG9UYCJ

  48. Wooo

  49. Do you know when exactly clash royale is realeased in the US? Too lazy to make a Canadian account :p

  50. Must be nice. I don't think I'll ever know what that feels like to win Clan War so much. No matter how many vids I watch or hours I play each day, I can't rise to the next level. I want to three star all the time but it just doesn't happen in war.