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Clash Of Clans – 11x SKELETON SPELLS & ALL WITCHES!! (Troll Raids on TH11)

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  1. lol that was crazy XDDD

  2. I get 3star when attack a rush th1

  3. Yup skeleton spells are the most useless spell in the game.

  4. omg his intros

  5. Hey guys pls watch and comment on my latest new troop wider pls

  6. The Intro's Are The Funny'st Wait can you make a intro complication



  9. اسم الكلان الي هجم عليه اول هجمه عربي
    شلون اكتشاف ?

  10. nice

  11. hi whats

  12. Miners , witches , and bowlers are the most useless troops

  13. godson lysm

  14. That clip in the beginning was pretty funny???

  15. Jaws, love the intro

  16. I think you should've done 4 clone spells and 7 skeleton spells with 20 witches

  17. Hey guys subscribe to me

  18. Hai

  19. This godson guy is literally a fucking idiot lol, I honestly don't even think he could pass a first grade class

  20. no wallbreakers? attacking multi infernos? wtf man mayb really try..

  21. Damn Godson, at least you got the last one, without rage and freeze spells it's a lot harder?

  22. Mooooom, it happend again!

  23. what happened to the eagle artillery?

  24. lol

  25. Hey godson do a clash olympics 2016

  26. Godson you can move buildings by putting one of them on top of each other. If you do that they'll switch positions.

  27. aj dond spek inkletch rus ples
    a to nihaju ne panatna

  28. I got a 3star on a town hall 10 after 13 tries

  29. This spell is shit but i enjoy this update :P

  30. 141th commentator xD

  31. 4:04 why where the spring traps showing!???!!???

  32. Im early 😛 but who cares ? Have a nice day whoever is reading this :D

  33. Hi like pls

  34. in the intros all he does is take some movies copy a face on and some other things and it isnt even funny
    i didnt even chuckle or smile

  35. what the fuck
    you are from A beg bad boom to

  36. skelletol spell + clone spell= epicness

  37. GodSon Use'XMOD'
    The spring trap was not hidden SEE that 3:20

  38. How did he see the spring traps?

  39. I missed the old Godson when he used to edit his videos so much and it was really funny

  40. You forgot the wallbreaker

  41. I love the All Intro You have made it
    its just"GENIUS"

  42. That Witch Intro LOOOOOL!

  43. sry meant 2 say texes

  44. 100nth comment

  45. spell idea: control spell, place it anywhere and nearby troops will go to it. :)

  46. also r u from texts lol but really where r u from?

  47. yo godson do lavaloonian with max baloon & hound that'd rock???

  48. i get a 3 starrr
    on a th3

  49. i get a 3 starrr
    on a th3