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  1. hey ash does your th9 base work well for protecting Dark in gold league

  2. you were against the best clan in our country . our country is slovenija

  3. that…. outro……

  4. plz do some TH 10 attacks

  5. يا أطفال ياوسخين اشربوا الدخان

  6. came here from mobcrush

  7. Awesome video ash!! Who is the female talking at the end haha that's new

  8. Love this idea. Keep up the good work!

  9. Excellent video ash ?

  10. Great vid nice new intro

  11. MAX TH11 destroys TH10 and that's impressive? Try this strategy without LVL20 Warden and let's see what happens.

  12. Gonna get Yanglin to do this attack and share his replay, looks cool with the earthquakes

  13. They should make a troop called a trap detector and what he does is that any trap that comes in his way he denies it and the trap won't go off

  14. New outro D:

  15. Whoa what was that ending! Lol

  16. almost first!

  17. When your TH 8 and you watch this videos

  18. When ur second but you still say first

  19. Hello, bye

  20. Nice video Ash

  21. FIRST