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Clash Of Clans | 12 MOST UNDERRATED TIPS IN CoC 2016!

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  1. #QaA why are you so awsome??

  2. HE LIFTS :D

  3. your so amazing

  4. how do i submit a screen shot of a glitch i found with my freind

  5. tony what software do u use for recording clash and can u make a video about it ?

  6. Awesome tips!!

  7. Pease out greatings from holland

  8. 405 like for awesome tony

  9. last tip bullshit …. i'm th10 and still use heal spell. It's so under rated and so powerfull after destroyed the middle of a village

  10. 400,000 hype right Tony?

  11. These tips sucked ass ??

  12. can u show us how to farm with gowipe

  13. Well, I use a symmetrical base and it works fine. I win most of my defenses in Gold 1.

  14. i liked gods son more sorry

  15. hey i sell my lvl 75 acc for 500€ please write me on kik: Li Liinkl

  16. leonidas its a greek name..hi s greek huh?

  17. hey can you help me through pekka play house.I'm th8. it's on clash of clans.

  18. Omg! 2000 subs more 

  19. Week from the time I comment this it will be 10:00 pm cause I live in Kuwait

  20. wow…great tips and specially those spells tips are awesome…i do generally used those rage spells on the troops than on the path but sure to try it as suggested…sounds good…:)

  21. omg never seen a attack like this can I be ur student best video ever

  22. Just hope I win the gems competition atleast this time!

  23. that first jump spell on tip 7 though

  24. 7:41 WTF

  25. whats the name of the song in the background of the vid I love it

  26. hey Tony can you link that thingy you use for making tumbnails im getting me new laptop so i can make tumbnails

  27. Hi tony how u been bro havnt spoke in time

  28. 7:47 What was that jump spell on the Queen? :D

  29. Another list vid yay

  30. have you done a face reveal ? i just subscribed to your channel yesterday so I'm new