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Clash of Clans | 150,000 Free Gems Giveaway | FREE GEMS EVERY VIDEO

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  1. You’re becoming one of those YouTubers Cam… I’m sad to see you go ­čÖü Now
    you’re becoming like molt, nickatnyte, all the heavy hitters in CoC and
    getting these Appnana or Free my apps sponsorships… I was hoping you
    would never go this way on YouTube, but I wish you luck in the future, it’s
    your path :)´╗┐

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  3. WOAH!!! IM ON THE TOP 10 btw keep makin the awesome videos cam! :D´╗┐

  4. Good video cam . How i came in BabariaNParty ?´╗┐

  5. Im german can i have a german card ´╗┐

  6. Clash of clans gem hack plc get me some gems my username is nightjake89´╗┐

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  8. can I have it´╗┐

  9. Once upon a time in my room, I was playing Clash of Clans. I was 7 years
    old. I was raiding a scrub who had rushed town halls. I laughed as I took
    his precious loot. I realized that I raided MasterOv. Then MasterOv
    appeared in my room and took all of my gems. I was sad. Very sad. I was
    crying in the corner of my room, staring with tear-filled eyes at my 0
    gems. I looked at Cam’s YouTube channel. I clicked on his videos and I
    laughed even through the pain of having my beautiful gems taken from me.
    Then I saw his push to master league series. Then his troll series. Then
    his whole channel had been watched. I subbed after the first video I
    watched. I showed all my friends in my neighborhood and they loved him.
    Then I went back home. I went on Clash of Clans and I saw I had 50,000
    gems. I looked at my Christmas tree and said, “Thank you, Cam.” And I
    looked out my window to see Cam’s sleigh flying away from my house.´╗┐

  10. Cam ur so cool when u give back

  11. I’m 8

  12. I don’t think I’ve been subed too long, but your by far my favorite CoC

  13. Please add 50 000 gems to my account.

    Village name :Man’sThe2nd
    Clan tag : #9GY8VCLQ´╗┐

  14. You are the Best youtuber for coc ive ever seen and anybody who says your
    not in insane´╗┐

  15. Freezing awesome man. Love your vids so far at least. Keep them coming

  16. Baaaad vids man.keep up the good work´╗┐

  17. Can u do it to me I need it bad

    life on here´╗┐

  19. Can i get some gems please

  20. Cam u the best keep it up ur nota bad attacking be the best and be aswome ´╗┐

  21. Plz I need these gems

  22. cam your videos are awesome. how do i get on that list !!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  23. I need gems today