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  1. #19 the splash damage of bombs are different

  2. Eclihpse ur Bae bro??

  3. Is the Level 8 Clan REQ N RUN glitched? It has 51 members

  4. Enemy troops run out of poison spells now

  5. What about wall upgrades when you upgrade them they look different

  6. The air defenses level 7 and below look so trash…level 8 actually improved though.

  7. What the heck happened to my air defenses lol

  8. u forgot one

  9. all of the things you said i found on my own by playing the game regulary and .essing around and looking around through out the game, still a nice video tho

  10. they said things about the alters, and air defense look at the sneak peeks

  11. Cool intro to Eclihpse

  12. The new air defense looks were included in one of the sneak peaks.. It isn't hidden lol

  13. Also so you can ser the clan's War Victory Streak in the clan tag

  14. I'm not digging the new air defense design.

  15. Another feature is when you are looking at everything where it shows your heroes troops etc it also shows how much time for spells in the spell factory it shows this right next to the word hero

  16. I'd love to
    "beats drop"
    The intro was dope man ?

  17. hello eclihpse

  18. Yo eclihpse you forgot to say that they made the queen and king badge a little more far from the troops and speels while attacking

  19. if you search clans it goes up to 15

  20. The bomb explosions look different and the profile info looks different as well 2 secret changes

  21. I know why they changed the Archer death sound


  22. Most werent features


  23. U sound depressed

  24. you forgot the trap feature when you trigger a trap it shows the radius

  25. Feature Number 19:

    This update is broken.

  26. Nice video :)

  27. You forgot that bombs now have a different animation when they explode

  28. thanks for this m8! its cool to see the little things they added

  29. Nice intro bro

  30. The Forest background changed (this entrance)

  31. i guess the alters were



  32. I noticed 7/18 of these or 38.89%.

  33. Am I the only th9 player that has the gold storage bug where the gold storage lvl 11 shows no gold inside not even mine and every th9 base I find there gold storages have no gold in it what so ever the gold is there just not showing

  34. who else based on the intro sub's

  35. gr8 m8 8/8 no h8 I'm just b8

  36. shit

  37. I think u missed that they organized the attack bar there is a slight space between troops heros and spells

  38. Nice vid is there any clash royale coming out luv ur channel stay awesome Eclihpse!

  39. eclipse join my clan if you want and get free Co, I only have two other Co's. I believe I can trust you. if you want join it and help out. my clan is " Dragon Warriors" and the flag is blue with yellow fire in it. the leader is Vitaliy2, which is my second account.

  40. Subbed nice videos eclipse

  41. Dude there is the one that when u get attacked u get the treasure thingy it didn't use to show how much loot u get now it does

  42. Echlipes u forgot 1 when u want to search a clan and put in the details u can search up to level 11,12,13,14,15 clan level

  43. I found all of them cuz I was going threw everything xD