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Clash of Clans – 20,000 | Mass Barbarians vs TH11 | SPECIAL (Barbarians Destroy Town Hall 11 Bases!)

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  1. Ash, for sure you'll blow up one day, but i mean keep doing what your doing. One of your regular vids will explode.

  2. Congrats Ash on reaching 20,000. I only subscribed recently but your quality and content is one of the best in the Clash community

  3. lol i just noticed your base is a maze for your 3 heroes

  4. Off topic question but what is the song you use for your opening intro? It sounds epic!!

  5. LUV ur videos with much love ;)

  6. Dude ash you should do a Q&A and a face reveal!

  7. This channel is one of the most underrated out there, congrats on 20k buddy!

  8. hey ash! you said you will share the replays of that th9 troll base and u will make a speed build of that base today you didnot upload that today ???Waiting For It Bro ☺

  9. intro music ?

  10. Now i almost max out my th11 account due to ur tips n trick. Thnks ash n congratulation. Ur subscribers would get bigger n bigger…

  11. Why are you only have 20k subs? you are better than any clasher that I've watch!!!

  12. Just a quick question. How come you have only 20000 subs when you are easily one of the best at explaining farming etc. but other YouTubers i.e Beaker has hundreds of subs and they are crap. I wish you all know best because this channel one of the best.

  13. Congurations!!!! You are the best clash of clans youtuber ;-)

  14. Congurations!!!! You are the best clash of clans youtuber ;-)

  15. nice vid g

  16. <3

  17. U sound like imperial gaming <3

  18. i learn dark loot from you.

  19. ash friendly advice get those side bars out of the vid and try to speak louder and more confidently and congrats 4 reachin 20000 subs!

  20. awsome

  21. I love you man keep up what your doing your my favorite clash YouTuber and thanks for teaching me how to farm dark elixir ???

  22. i am dacrazykitteh

  23. The barbarian special is kinda cams thing tho

  24. Thanks everyone for 20,000 subscribers! You guys are the best! By the way, I realized that in the first raid I hit 20,000 Dark Elixir as well, that wasn't intentional. Must be some kind of sign!

  25. Im not sure which is better farmer Ash or Brandon two Clash gods.. :D

  26. Funny idea :D! Keep up the good work Ash!

  27. The next 20k will come in no time!

  28. Congrats on 20,000 subs Ash! You completely deserve it. Love your guides on the forums as well!

  29. sixth

  30. love ur videos ash

  31. You are by far the best farmer on YouTube. You have helped me so much! Thanks

  32. First(no one cares)

  33. 19K Gems !? HOW !?!!?

  34. Lol cool shit dawg