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Clash of Clans – 200k SUBS!!! And a week of CLASH NEWS!

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  1. Wow!! You' e grown so fast! But you really deserved it! Gongrats Spencer, and keep up the good work. Clash on!

  2. Like the new intro!

  3. I was here since 5, 412 :)

  4. Is intro is way better than last?. Last one was so cringe Lol. Keep up the vids!

  5. Well done Spencer! I've been around since 10k and you've really changed my life. Thanks bro!

  6. wow crazy bro love u

  7. Was wondering whether the poison spell would allow all bases to become hogable, due to the fact that you can drop it inside a village, hence over a dgb spot and triggering it.

  8. What about Joy?

  9. Finally we got a good intro. Felt like that was the only thing missing from your channel now I'm on board 100 percent

  10. I subscribed you at 20 k subs your the best!

  11. add even more color to your hair and you'll get more subs. Markiplier did it and look where he is now

  12. Spencer is cool I think he deserves more subscribers

  13. Only clash youtuber i am subscribed to <3

  14. Out of all the clash youtubers out there, you are my favourite youtuber. 😀 I really enjoy your videos. 🙂 Keep up the good work man. Good Luck.

  15. 300,000 were on the way

  16. go go go

  17. go go

  18. go

  19. Dang that intro was awesome. Do you do your own intros or get someone else to do them?

  20. More coc

  21. I'm early lemme think a joke

    cannon nerf

  22. Spenser ar you hacking

  23. The easiest way to fix that base copying "problem" is by NOT letting anyone in an active war either participate in a friendly battle nor make one
    … spencer already said everything else

  24. Aspen ser if yun see gala Don or pat

  25. Good job at reaching this far! I remember when you had around 50K,and you've changed alot! For the better,of course! Keep up the great work!

  26. how are you only at 200,000 subs? you should have 500,000 alr at this rate. keep up the good vid and livestreams!

  27. Congratulations on 200,000 subs???

  28. Dope inntrroopoo

  29. never stop youtube

  30. congrats spencer we love u bro

  31. Your welcome.

  32. is it me i think peter and spencer are th same brothers they both have dollars

  33. congrats

  34. congrats I've been subscribed to you for about a year.

  35. Congrats been here since below 10k

  36. Spencer you better do a barch with the clone spell

  37. I miss the old/newish intro ? "Oh my God!" ?

  38. What happened to his real account?

  39. #chubbychair

  40. A while ago i said u looked like a pirate, now you look a parrot with that thing on your head

  41. Nice new intro!

  42. Every one unsub now! Lol jk dont do that


  44. Wowe! I never imagined that you'll look like this at all, GOOD JOB ;)

  45. Congratulations man! You sure deserve a ton more!! Thanks for the new intro…Awesome!!!

  46. I was the 200000 subscriber

  47. Well done

  48. keep up dude…we r ur fans….I like ur accent buddy…thumb up..^_*

  49. I just subbed