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Clash of Clans – 28 LEVEL 5 VALKYRIES VS MAX TH11 RAID! “New Update” MASS Valkyrie ATTACK!

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  1. Do u guys need help finding the like button cus i can show u where.This vid should have way mire like

  2. Piece of shit

  3. Nice video! :)

  4. I'm the guy from clash of clans global chat who said I'd sub

  5. Thanks

  6. Wats ur intro song

  7. Leader is Gilbert

  8. Could you please give my clan a SO its called "USA War Legion"

  9. In yourr outro, you say that you've seen a lot of shit you shouldn't have. Well what shit have you seen exactly?

  10. loloolololol kys your channel is cancer

  11. Wow there is still so many people missing the like button:)
    Keep up the good work Mr clasher

  12. The lvl 5 valks are TO OP..

  13. Can I join ur clan Mr Clasher?Im TH7 at Gold || 1641 trophies…Can I join or not.I just really want to join

  14. Still getting dislikes? x.x

  15. 104th

  16. dahm nice

  17. i been your fan for two years which you inspired me of playing clash of clans and ya , im into being a good clasher , just like everyone thats now playing , Thanks to you ?

  18. Wow you are nearly at 25k subs, grats bro :)

  19. The dislikes:( And keep up the work legit plays cl…..i mean mr.clasher

  20. Im ps4cool211 On Clash Royale and clash of clans , mY clan is Kaos Angels

  21. Nice Job XD

  22. Hope you all enjoyed this insane mass Level 5 valkyrie raid! Lets smash 50 likes!! #ClashofClans

  23. 11 dislike 3 like ?

  24. Its says there is a problem with this video

  25. sick Mr clasher