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Clash of Clans – 3 STAR GOD ARMY! 300 Trophies Gained with the Most Powerful Attack in CoC! #3

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  1. CQOTD: would you lose your home or your th11 account?

  2. lets make a funny sentence, comment one word after the person before
    first word is – Why

  3. CQOTD: This new loot cart thingy, how do you feel about this?

  4. CQOTD:Do you think that the Archer Tower is the most op defence and it should be not that good.Btw keep up the good vids

  5. I'm a th7 and it is so had to get loot even with dragons a king and maxed collectors need a faster prodection rate

  6. Why?
    Did you DO THAT?

  7. Hey Wite I know how your defense base looks like and I'm sorry if I accidentally gave away how to get to it but I deleted that comment and no I'm not a hacker

  8. CQOFT: What was the first electronic device you ever got? what year?

  9. you rectum! 乁(・﹏・)ㄏ

  10. Da fuck. I swear your queen had a 10 above her in those raids.

  11. CMQOTD wite how high are going to push

  12. Mystlc7 Is true that farming is not dead me a th7 found a 800k loot raid vs a th7

  13. That

  14. Cool I want to try tthat

  15. love this video

  16. Ok, listen there are alot of dead bases now because of a simple thing..It is that every dead base was probably raided and is on shield or on guard.

  17. CQOTD:Are you planning on 3 staring cam's anti 3 star base?

  18. nice

  19. In the beginning of the video "I don't gem." In the end of the video "Let's gem the Grand Warden!"