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  1. now thats insanity in coc and you cant find it anywhere but here

  2. Yah bro Kings Throne/Liberty/Diamond etc. All Kings Rock family. ?? Kings Throne is where i started.

  3. The guy I'm talking about username is Snacks

  4. This is a guy in Kings Thorne clan that I was talking to in global chat he is a really nice guy I had to get off of coc so can't talk to him anymore but if you can tell him I said hi that would be great tell him if he doesn't know who your talking about say it's ACE

  5. Awesome

  6. Awesome

  7. Phhhhh…. I wreck in legends league

  8. Guess who's in the top 200 of u.s!!!!

  9. ??nice vid

  10. Hope you all enjoyed this insane Clash of Clans 3 star legends raid and 2+ million included! Can we smash 50 likes?! #ClashofClans

  11. Nice video and nice intro what is called and THAT LOOT DOE!

  12. nice havoc gaming gave you a shootout in his recent video

  13. OMG——- I think i need to change my Hanes. #Godbattle.

  14. Do you play minecraft

  15. yo

  16. Hey man I really like this new intro!!

  17. bro you did a great job on this video!!!! Commentary on point. Presentation A+ Glad to see someone like youself getting to drop the best content. A deserve it M.C. ?

  18. wow

  19. This was awesome! Awesone video!

  20. Jeeeeez bro i didnt even add it all up. So insane. i am Going link this to all my kings fam!

  21. nice hey mr.clasher

  22. I love the video,keep up the awesome job bud

  23. Panda no one cares :)

  24. 2

  25. 3

  26. i think idk

  27. first