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Clash Of Clans – 3 STAR RAID!!! |Epic Titan pros|

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  1. awesome bro…keep making videos….

  2. my base is pretty rushed

  3. But 1st u need to hav 40lv king/queen ?

  4. Thank you for watcon ?

  5. lol

  6. Awesome!

  7. Is GodsonFTW 2.0 legit because I just got attacked by them in clash royale (my username is Popmen)

  8. You're way better than pat ;)

  9. guys godson think he is funny
    how think he is funny

  10. What was the point of making the lvl11 walls lava if 4months you were making a new th

  11. أفآ يا تركي فشلتنا قدام الكفار

  12. he changed the tittle from rape to raid

  13. "3 star rape.." – title "it's going deep.." – video

  14. lmao. i read rape

  15. GG .

  16. Nice rapes!

  17. Nothing impressive about the first attack. Town hall 11's should 3 star a town hall 10 every time. All the guy did was drop jump spell and dump all of his troops in the same area…not hard.

  18. I can't wait for the a livestream Godson

  19. Stacys mom and coc

  20. What clan r u in

  21. Do you going to clashcon?

  22. Don't think we will let this one down quickly godson ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. That title is so hilarious!Im laughing so hard right now!!!??????

  24. Subscribe pls

  25. my clan is zay's warriors

  26. lmfao. that title…. But Go Kings Rock —- Colead.

  27. Ok it's clear godson now changed the title