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Clash of Clans – 3 Star wars with Bowlers? (TH11)

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  1. lol Anal Beast.. cheating modders.. well said Spence. I think that SC reducing the attack time will only help those bastard cheats as a 'perfect' rehearsed strategy will be the only way to get 3 Stars from a mirror battle. it's also gunna be more difficult to get now with new extra powered defences. If SC are trying to encourage war players back then give them a more fun for your buck time rather than making wars less enjoyable.

  2. The modding has stopped, and I'm in a clan where they announced they will stop warring until modding works again, because they hate losing! lol. They said it happened before, so modding is expected to return.

    I don't use modding myself because mostly I don't participate in clan wars.

  3. Spencer, you should make a video on how to barch. For us, and for your future self too. XD

  4. thats the stupidist name I have ever heard – exactly my thoughtd

  5. barch bowl it

  6. as i was watching clashwithcam's new video he mentioned that a well known modding clan was going to retire…..or something along those lines

  7. #PrayForBrussels

  8. Yo momma so fat that she got added as the fourth hero in clash of clans and to heal her 1 health you need 500,000 gems and she has 5,000 health

  9. U mixed up 2 bowlers and didnt even use them correctly and say that they are not good

  10. still have the garbage intro :/

  11. Not sure if the bowler or ebola

  12. Bring back the BARCH!!!!!

  13. Bowlers are just so awful there the new valks

  14. i can not b leave u took down your best ever streem vid. I could of watched it 100 times bahahah

  15. bowlers should be as strong as a giant at least

  16. Give him a fedora and I'll spend some gems

  17. Bowler is such a poorly thought out troop…


  19. Really hope SC doesn't say "ah well we tried" and that is that.

  20. Why does he keep saying 'ANAL' beast

  21. Did you say anal beast ?

  22. Why does it say 'send everyone' on its intro

  23. bowler probably needs more damage and a bit more hp

  24. Sounded like he said analbeast

  25. Thats A Bowler Strategy M8

  26. why aren't people trying bowler walks yet

  27. Misleading title

  28. keep up the amazing videos Spencer! (adudkin here from Kamcord )