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  1. hey ash I was wondering if there us any chance I could join ur clash royale clan. I got clash royale 2 days ago so I'm not really a high level but I know the basics. thx

  2. Next upload lavaloonion power farming without heroes for th9 pls!

  3. Pls make a Th9 GoWiWi Guide/Strategy attack 🙁 i want to master it!

  4. Doesn't really help because supercell are nerfing queen walk big time. But lvl 6 hogs are cool and the new troops. Yes there is more than one.

  5. ASH THEY ARE SUPER NERFING THE QUEEN WALK!!!!!!! ????? I'm going th9 in a week and they are NERFING the queen before I get it??!!! May Day May Day! We are in trouble!!!

  6. Awesome!!

  7. Very Helping guide Ash.This guide will help me a lot in war.Thanks ash.

  8. Queen walk govaho

  9. New Intro again Ash? WHAT IS THIS?!

  10. Can you please make a th7 strategy video?

  11. Awesome video mr ash!

  12. Can u do a guide on th8.5 ??

  13. my th9 war base finally got three starred. and it was a queen walk!
    sadly the replay got wiped, and i couldn't even see the flaw in my base :/

  14. WTF the last raid, shock wave swags a heal, a poison, queen's ability, 5 hogs, 2 wizards and 1 archer…

  15. Sick intro

  16. Funny how u put a vid up and have 32 views in a minute lol. I think 32 views is awesome on my videos in a day. :)

  17. 2nd

  18. First