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Clash of Clans | 30 MINUTES LEFT AND LOSING! | Intense Clan War

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  1. CQOTD: how cum u aren't gaining many subs lately?

  2. come and check our chanell daily uploads and dont forget to smash that subscribe button

  3. Hey Guys Go Check out My YouTube Cannal I Do Gameing Go to Gameing Vdog And you Should Find Me Sub

  4. Lol 15 spectators

  5. +Cam Sucks at Gaming When are we going to see the Vanbro account on clash royale again?

  6. Why don't you show us that replay of your base getting 3*? I really want to see how they managed to do that!

  7. #CQOTD what equipment do you use for recording your stuff like how much time do you use in to one video btw love the vids.

  8. Was this against Jlam2 from the forums?

  9. Does he live stream on twitch or YouTube

  10. no one in my clan uses valks! We all use goho! (in war were normally 11 th9's and 4 th8's or 7 th9's and 3 th8's)

  11. dang 15 people were watching his attack live Lmao

  12. How does he make his profile picture?

  13. Outro?

  14. Chris, can u tell me what u use to video the screen of ur phone without using some other device to video ur phone.

  15. chris ur clan is so clutch

  16. im in the gold

  17. cam can I join your clan please

  18. ☺☺☺☺☺?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????all the emotions in the war

  19. Cam let ud check the attack that 3 stared your base

  20. can i join your clan plz

  21. YAYYYYYYY IM ON HIS VIDEO!!! I am in the intro, I am king Kyle on it :)

  22. can i join cam im maxed th8 in 5itans

  23. Awesome vid Cam, my clan right now is on a 13 win streak our best ever, we have 3 perfect wars in that span. Whats other peoples records? :)

  24. when will u do clash with john cena

  25. Hey cam I love your end music btw

  26. Hello. If anyone wants to join my clan feel free to do so. We are a brand new clan and we war all the time but I would like some more active members who come in clan chat often. The clan is WhoAteAllDepays and we are level 2. I'm Owen the leader. Thanks!

  27. I need a war clan

  28. Why!!! Comeon show us that attack on ur base -,-

  29. Like- get kissed by your crush
    Reply- make out with your crush
    Subscribe- smash your crush in the school bathroom
    Ignore- crush dies in car crash

  30. what is outro song??

  31. Hi cam

  32. 1 John 1:9!

  33. Hey cam show 3 star on ur base …and yd ehat happened to the o the account u started o the ipad mini

  34. I love watching your war recaps!!!

  35. Cam can i join your clan

  36. cam where is your lets play clash royale seris?????

  37. I want the Valkarie out of clash royale that card is fucking annoying

  38. hey guys pls gve some subs to me I'm too gona sub all u guys

  39. pls do omelge vid cam