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Clash Of Clans – 300 BARBS X 300 HEALS + 300 RAGE SPELLS!!! (Troll Raids against TH11)

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  1. how ro get developers ipad

  2. I would love to see you do a play through of boom beach

  3. SUB ME ill sub back with 2 account 🙂 !

  4. hey godson

  5. انا متابعكم من السعوديه

  6. can you do a 300 golums attac

  7. goof

  8. Why are you doing these type of videos? well I mean just stop using 300 stuff you know.. just make actually videos got damn!

  9. best video ever

  10. How do you have that developer mod????

  11. godson what the hacking for this?

  12. Anyone who sbscribes to me I'll sbscribe back with 16 accounts.

    Comment done

  13. How do u get a developer iPad?

  14. This is the oldd one

  15. Ahem ahem ahem clash of clans/clash royale

  16. hey godson how are u what clan are u in cause u left troll bros!!

  17. How are u getting 300 spells?

  18. ohhh

  19. yes barbarians are definitely Spartans.

  20. Godson can you give me a yeaaaahhh

  21. Godson can I Get a YEAAAAAAAAH!?

  22. how did you play clash live in the past aghhhhhhhh u get what i mean


  24. the background music is shit


  26. nice

  27. وين رابط التحميل

  28. it is clash of clans fhx?

  29. The intro was warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………

  30. Lmfao that Intro tho ??

  31. How do u mod god son plzz repliy

  32. Godson I am a follower of you Arabs

  33. I love that intro

  34. this is spartan !!!!!!!

  35. How come you don't go to Finland anymore?

  36. Love the title sequence

  37. How do you get 300 barbs?

  38. barbs war

  39. I would like to see Wizard, Healer, Rage and Jump Spell only, no heroes

  40. lol im 45 min late

  41. NICKMERCS?? anyone?

  42. That intro was dope!

  43. Hey GodSon what app that you use?

  44. I love your intros ?