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Clash of Clans – 300 EARTHQUAKE Spells Vs. a Town Hall 11 and MORE!

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  1. hacking is lose :(´╗┐

  2. Then how do walls fall to the earthquake?´╗┐

  3. nice´╗┐

  4. Try to kill the heroes with poison´╗┐

  5. Galadon try use 300 lightning on a fully upgraded th 11´╗┐

  6. how to access the developer build´╗┐

  7. it takes 560 – 590 earthquakes spells to destroy any building
    Dont know why, but after many researches thro the game I got this result´╗┐


  9. Away from the heal spell. Lol´╗┐

  10. #galafail´╗┐

  11. I can do the same thing with xmod but I can have 999 troops and spells´╗┐

  12. why does the baloon in the intro bomb its own bases tower?´╗┐

  13. if you love galadon, you'll love me


  14. You actually can't cut an apple infite times it's impossible´╗┐

  15. I was waiting for this vid´╗┐

  16. Has anyone ever thought that the Grand Warden may be the Archer Queen's brother? I mean they both have purple hair, both are kinda pudgy, and both are ranged. Leave your comments.´╗┐

  17. 1 golem vs single inferno (+heal spells)´╗┐

  18. I have XMod and I used 999 quakes on t a th11 and nothing´╗┐

  19. do one witch 300 freeze plz´╗┐

  20. True Queen walk:
    300 healers, one queen, one th 11 base.´╗┐

  21. You know the game is getting stale when even Galadon has to resort to these cheesy 300 troops garbage raids that are pretty pointless :(. Wake up clash devs or are your wallets already too full for you to give a damn about the game? you released a new troop and its so bad that people arent even making vids on it. its sad to see you stoop to this Galadon :(´╗┐

  22. Galadon hacker !! Ye┼čil Yol Chancel Supercell Report And Banned chancel ! galadon ! open Yesil Yol Chancel Turksh!!! galadom hacker!!!´╗┐

  23. how to you get developer mode?´╗┐

  24. how many lvl1 barbs does it take to 3 star a th11´╗┐

  25. good luck,for tomorrow´╗┐

  26. try one lightning spell and then 300.earthquake spells´╗┐

  27. please do a pekka walk. 300 pekkas+300 healers (with rage)´╗┐

  28. Earthquake at 5:50´╗┐

  29. I wanna see 300 level 1 dragons on a max th11´╗┐

  30. If you had more earthquakes you'd actually be able to destroy the Town Hall, it doesn't go on for an infinite amount of time. There's something called Planck length which equals to 1.616199(97)├Ś10Ôłĺ35, this is as small as length gets according to Planck, you can read more in Wikipedia about this, anyway, instead of 3:00 minutes for the attack I think you'd need few years to do it and quite a lot of earthquakes ­čÖé


  31. U should use 1-3 lightnings the try to finish it off with the rest of ur eq´╗┐

  32. awesome´╗┐

  33. lol 300 quakes….smh´╗┐

  34. Valkries, Haste, And Rage Spells !´╗┐

  35. 4:12 is the reason why Galadon sucks with hogs, cuz he thinks poison spells are heal spells. xD´╗┐

  36. Wow, nice job! You're better than I could ever do in clash of clans!´╗┐

  37. Clash of clans channels are really starting to get washed out. Just developer raids, pushing, or sometimes war. No offense but they should start trying to incorporate more games than just games by supercell, could bring growth to the channel and could still stick to their roots with weekly uploads of clash. Just a suggestion, haven't been entertained by a clash video in a long time like I used to be.´╗┐

  38. I love galadons videos´╗┐

  39. an element in the periodic table has been renamed after galadon…..the name is galadonium instead of gadolinium….#gallyhonoured´╗┐

  40. Took around 600 EQ to take out the town hall with x mod´╗┐

  41. 4:17
    how nice orange heal spells those are.. xD

  42. 4:22 HEAL SPELLS?´╗┐

  43. How u get the dev version´╗┐

  44. YOUR THE BEST!!!!´╗┐

  45. why wasn't your name galadev?´╗┐

  46. I'm early. Let me think of a joke…

    Chief Pat´╗┐

  47. These Episodes are so boring! better Show us Trophy pushing Attacks and Not This shit! ?ÔśŁ?´╗┐

  48. No more dev videos….´╗┐

  49. How was Galadons channel name before he changed it? I forgot xD´╗┐