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Clash Of Clans – 32 MINER w/ HEALER 3 STAR!! (Kings of clash!)

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  1. Das presto good

  2. More clash

  3. That's awesome

  4. Oh Godson, playing the game for over 4 years and you still don't pay attention to attacks. That graphical error is the clan castle spell btw, you would know this if you actually tried to play the game.

  5. Spells that are in the CC aren't stacked with your normal camp spells.

  6. the 2 poison spells means he cooked one and the other one is from the clan castle….not a graphical error….cc spells are always seperated

  7. yyaay

  8. Early

  9. Notification squad where you at

  10. lol u ao funny

  11. 1:57 why the hell is there spring trap visible

  12. Nice intros, keep doing Coc, everyone seems to use bowler walks

  13. I think the 2nd poison is from the clan castle i think so

  14. Godson it's when u get a dark spell from clan castle

  15. People are too worried about anti valk or anti bowler bases, but the issue is the healers. Anti healer bases. Make them

  16. The second poison spell was in the guy's clan castle. Thats why it wasnt stacked.

  17. i think the poisons are separated coz one is in clan castle and one is regular

  18. God son is so much better than whitelightning

  19. кто русский

  20. Your intros are funny as hell ?

  21. First like

  22. PAYET

  23. Stop with those stupid parades

  24. Hope to hit 50k epic subscribers this year :D

  25. If they add a new thing make it a …..Potato

  26. Godson what's the background music?

  27. Haha Godson and his intros?

  28. You're the best!

  29. Hi godson!

  30. last time I was this early Ronaldo wasn't hurt.

  31. Last time I was this early godson wasn't a dead channel