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Clash of Clans – 365 Barbarians with Clone Spells

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  1. Brandon, why do you not raise your level as it was before?
    Брэндон, почему ты не поднимаешь свой уровень как это было раньше?

  2. Willzinho BR 1 x 0 Brandon fail lmao

  3. idk what i'm watching right now :S

  4. What happened to u Brandon ? You don't have description anymore and your videos nowadays are bad 🙁 no offense

  5. It's BarbArians..

  6. Why you upload PVZ in way that we can't watch the video?

  7. Brandon I think no one has told you to do Troops & Clone vids??

  8. We need new videos dude! I have you ok friends list, I'm YoYoKilleR join my clan I'll give some ideas!

  9. 陈肥佬,你可以不传这些没什么卵用的东西么……

  10. Nice

  11. stop mass uploading

  12. please brandon something different it's being boring mass videos…

  13. I think you may be running out of ideas.

  14. wtf since when is 240+35+20 365????????????

  15. Dislike the video, not in a horrible way but to show brandon we don't like these type of videos.. Make a new account brandon 4 and farm again, that's what most of your subs are here for.

  16. UNSUB…

  17. oh…

  18. Lollll

  19. stop doing boring things and start streaming!! ur Chanel is dieing!!!

  20. he is thinking that funny fyl

  21. he is not learning from his mistake ffs

  22. you better keep levelling up your main account, I found a level 350 so you got some competition

  23. hey bradon, when will you be coming back to Twitch TV ?