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Clash of Clans – 5 Things I Want In 2016!

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  1. check my channel

  2. or maps refresh every month with the leauges as well that would be a little step towards the loot

  3. pause at 3:47

  4. Heroes during war, even if they are upgrading, would be great!

  5. plz bring farming back

  6. I never understood trophy pushing. Only the top like 5 clans get gems, and it will take forever (and a lot of money) to reach that stage. Trophy pushing is so freaking boring, I only did it to get the one-time gem bonus.

    Now they say, COC was always about trophy pushing WTF? That means it was always a freakin boring game and one the TH snipe thing made it bearable. Clan wars is good though, but not trophy pushing..

  7. All i mainly want is lv 8 walls being upgraded with elixer >.cause at th8 u just Shit with elixer!!!!!!

  8. what about the th9? it seems these updates are only for the th10 and 11.

  9. Pat Is So honest !! He is my top favourite youtuber

  10. Loot betting

  11. Maybe add a MVP award for a stand out individual in clan wars. They could get a loot reward or something

  12. Something for th10?


  14. i realy wish they make a dark troop that targets resources… probably place it before the hogs so even th7s can make them… atleast make the dark reso targeting unit tankier than goblins so it would be a hit….

  15. This is an Idea for the loot problems. Walls are taking a lot loot to upgrade. But what if u don't have to upgrade them for resources. What if you earned wall upgrades by completing goblin maps or completing achievements. It would be a lot more loot out there because no one would have to spend it on wall.


  17. Pat single player update would be nice and if they could reduce the wall cost it would've been Amazing for us TH 8 and below players who was thrown into dirt when the update came out

  18. I want to get the league bonus for winning a defense. And every time someone skips u while u are offline the bonus slightly increases; and again, if they win they get it, if I win I get it

  19. I agree u with everything pat but mostly with war match I am the leader of a clan SupercelLovers$ and its presently lvl3 and I had got lvl8 clan as my enemy we tried hard and won the war with 1 star:)

  20. bosting

  21. Hey chief pat what do you think of the new Christmas trees that were in this winter update?

  22. Two things they could do for single player maps is one add dark elixir to either existing or possibly new maps, and two is where you can share campaign replays… I think if they did that they would make all th levels happy and it would be easoiwer to farm de to max the heroes .

  23. For anyone hating on modders, modding takes more skill than fp. FairPlay is just planning and hoping for the best.

  24. Wow skill based things sound awesome

  25. Jake from OneHive, made a video on everything that needs to be done 

  26. The loot is good lol, absolutely zero gold & elixir offers tho, farming d.e as a th8 is pie 

  27. single play maps and skill based ranking could be tied together with a commonly discussed system where people design bases into a map pool which you can attack in single player. The players would be rewarded who had the bases which got the least % damage done or least average stars for defence, and players who averaged the higher % at each th lvl. You could attack as many bases as you like, from an near infinte pool of player designed bases. this would be the most amazing system, where you could attack as many times a season as you like, and rewarded for true skill

  28. Clash Of Clans New Update:you can also request loot from your clanmates

  29. Stuff

  30. We need clan tournament or just tournaments in general to show our atuff

  31. That would be great if chief pat was hired by supercell ???

  32. I just want the new goblin lvl's :)

    to get a new global you gotta restart the game, they should add a new global button

  34. All I want is "The sixth Builder" !!

  35. well said chief pat.. you nailed it?

  36. I just want to take a moment before I watch this video say we're glad to have you uploading again! You haven't had a great track record in the past

  37. All good ideas. ??

  38. Well I would like to see in 2016 is bringing back dead bases, Buffing the grand warden… can't think of any now :/