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  1. #Great idea


  3. This is all good idea and they all help ful. I think supercell should do this all ideas

  4. #GreatIdea! I want the 30 seconds back so much!!

  5. # great idea

  6. # great idea.

  7. +General Tony can i join your clan i am a new th9?


  9. #great idea

  10. #GreatIdea

  11. My dick is big☺️

  12. i reaaaaally need just one of those ideas, for the heroes pause button, it is so annoying to wait for a whole week for the upgrade as i cant use gems and the idea mentioned benefits both the game and the players so i hope supercell takes a look at this #GreatIdea. the rest ideas are pretty cool as well tho

  13. Mini war league?

  14. #greatidea

  15. Able to ban troops in wars e.g. no dragons because thats all people do to low levels… no skill just spam dragons.

  16. #GreatIdea

  17. #great idea

  18. Genral tony i would really like to join ur clan .i have it already as a bookmark.i am th8 and somehow going to max.can u remove the closed thing to let me in? Please.i really love ur videos so much

  19. #greatidea

  20. #great idea

  21. # GREAT idea

  22. #greatidea

  23. how about army drafts means like u can save drafts in which instruction to build troops and spells in each barracks and will be stored and u press one button pay the total elixir/de and army starts building and we can have multiple drafts one far war one for looting like we have multiple base design

  24. What about the giveaway?

  25. #GreatIdea

  26. #greatidea

  27. #Greatidea

  28. The mini war is pointless and stupid imo there would be no point in adding that to the game anyway and just a waste. Obviously I know it's just an idea but I pray supercell doesn't even acknowledge this. That's just my opinion.

  29. #GreatIdea

  30. #GreatIdea

  31. #GreatIdea

  32. #Greatidea

  33. #greatidea but it has to be fair not like a th11 vs th5 k should be th5 vs th5 k good

  34. for beginning clans

  35. and in the title if you have super cells @ for twitter… people who like it who have their twitter linked it will auto tweet at super cell so definitely do that if u want super cell to see it ?

  36. mini war

  37. General tony who is the giveaway winner