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Clash of Clans | 5 Zap Quake Mass Dragon Attacks + Many Tips

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  1. Great Video ???

  2. Hey gadihh.where your id?

  3. hello gadihh. please make a fail to recovery 3star attacks. i would appreciate it if you do. thanks

  4. I'm max th9 with 55heros, does it working with lighting 5?

  5. Hi! I have already upgraded my th8 to th9, what should I upgrade in the laboratory in the first way ?

  6. We need a couple of war guys , th8+. Name of clan is ok at war. Clan is brand new.

  7. I really wish you wouldn't speed up so much of the replays as it makes it pretty hard to follow and get any meaningful insights. Is it just me or do others agree?

  8. love those drags 9 out of 10 get 100% 3 stars

  9. great video been planning on using this attack strat in wars so very helpful

  10. Do you mind posting more TH10 content?. Seems to be so much TH9 content out there

  11. my fav attack right now

  12. I hate those who say first