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Clash Of Clans – 50 BOWLERS w/ CLONE SPELLS!! (Mass attack!!)

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  1. these bowlers are OP

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  3. Did u notice on the first attack the guy defending was watching


  5. do a mass wallbreaker clone spell raid

  6. I love the intros!

  7. ??????????

  8. In the beginning I thought he said we were playing with boners. My bad.

  9. when you realize that the title says 50 bowlers but the thumbnail says 40 bowlers

  10. vegas pro ftw

  11. That's how I feed my eel

  12. so many bowlers

  13. That warden got the clutch win

  14. like

  15. it's not 50


  17. this channel is dead

  18. no hhhhhhh

  19. Grand warden +fire+barbarians King+scar=CHILL

  20. 0:26 Today we gonna play with boners :D

  21. You love The Lion King Godson! Just love it!

  22. i thought he said " were gonna play with boners"

  23. Stop doing bowler vids all the time plz

  24. Hey guys I upload clash of clans and royale videos come and sub to see them

  25. You are so bad in this

  26. How many times did he say 'you guys''? ?

  27. WOW!! nice. 🙂 can some one check out my YouTube channel please

  28. Keep doing funny intros GodSon your intros making me laugh ;)

  29. You Tube SML

  30. You Tube SML

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  32. That's how I feed my eel… With 50 bowlers

  33. Bowlers are good.
    Clone spells are terrible.

  34. Please On my way omw

  35. I thought mr queen was simba ?

  36. Can u sub to me

  37. هههههههه

  38. Clash is dead

  39. #thatshowIfeedmyell