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Clash Of Clans – 6 STARS? FIRST EVER 6 STAR CLAN WAR! Perfect Clan War Replay Ruined by Update

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  1. Shit quality´╗┐

  2. Guys stop spamming clash royale……´╗┐

  3. 88TH PERSONNE YEAH!!!´╗┐

  4. Nice clash royale video´╗┐

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  6. #clutchcam´╗┐

  7. Love your vids can u tell me some tips for starting a clash of clans YouTube channel plzz ????????´╗┐

  8. What do you use to record clash?´╗┐

  9. He named is clash royale ahaha´╗┐

  10. Dood Your Thing is a typo you did a video about clash but it says Royale´╗┐

  11. so early its 360p´╗┐

  12. hey I searched ur clan´╗┐

  13. Clash royale??´╗┐

  14. Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die. What am I?´╗┐

  15. why does it say CLASH ROYALE lol?´╗┐

  16. Good video of clash royale´╗┐

  17. we all know what wood u knocked on ??? jk gj bro´╗┐

  18. I'm early gotta make a joke I guess…. na jk I'll be back when the video is 720p´╗┐

  19. why is the screen so bad?´╗┐

  20. have u never seen a govaho before´╗┐

  21. U should make a video without editing at all´╗┐

  22. CQOTD: why does cam suck at attacking?´╗┐

  23. nice´╗┐

  24. Shit 360p quality´╗┐

  25. I'm early, let me think of a joke…

    The title´╗┐

  26. You left a troop on your attack´╗┐

  27. Nice clash royals vid man 10/10´╗┐

  28. You are the best´╗┐

  29. ooohh yeah nice clash Royale gameplay I really liked it :v´╗┐

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  31. coc not royale´╗┐

  32. Clash royal? YouTube name missup´╗┐

  33. Wite…I almost deleted this in my inbox because it said "Clash Royale". If it wasn't for the thumbnail I wouldn't have watched it! Fix the title! D:´╗┐

  34. Hey bro you're amazing and helped me make my vids and play Coc thanks =)´╗┐


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  37. Why is is called clash royale´╗┐


  39. Can I join your clan I'm in champion 2 at th9´╗┐

  40. Is title supposed to say Clash Royale?´╗┐

  41. Hi´╗┐