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  1. omg op af!

  2. lol 2 hours before this was posted I did a war raid against this base and totally failed lol

  3. hey ash, we had a really good govaho th8 attack on a max th8, also had a govaho th9 99% attack. please visit us and show the replay if your are going to make a video on govaho in future.

  4. Perfect! My war opponent has this base! Thanks Ash!

  5. Nice

  6. slugger forgot queen ability and freeze fail…otherwise easy three star…sad

  7. Nice way to open up that base

  8. damn ash, where were 3hrs ago lol. I failed a queen walk on this exact base earlier today. wasn't for sure how to attack it. nice video and thanks for all the help you give out.

  9. Great video!

  10. Ash please explain how does grand warden aura works? Units geting inside his aura and leaving the aura. What is the effect? With a video pls.

  11. good topic

  12. Love you ash

  13. No one gives a crap if you are first.


  14. haha and i thought sc wanted to stop promoting attacks where you put all troops in the same spot and spam spells and get 3 stars. Dont see the skill in these attacks. Thx for sharing anyway but nothing for me eventhough it works

  15. Hi

  16. Special shoutout to Battle Elite! Thanks for the replays and keep up the fantastic work (grats on level 9!)

  17. 10th like tho!

  18. first! yes at last thank the Lord!

  19. l