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Clash of Clans | 900,000 BARBARIANS | Funny Moments in Clash of Clans

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  1. Jake from Onehive, doing my best to help you guys suck less!

  2. Search (Bloolooloohaha 1 hour remix) for the video at 01:09

  3. what was the song after the line ''how does it feel when you get a 3star'' ( the song with that crazy dude who did crazy things with his tongue)

  4. shot man this is crazy I found your channel at like 130k subs congrats

  5. Congratulations Bro Don't Let The Haters Get To You. Keep Doing What Your Doing I'm A Huge Fan ?

  6. this was so funny i watched it over and over aging thx cam u made my day

  7. What's that 'How it feels to get a 3 star' song??
    Btw nice vids keep going!!

  8. Congrats! Hope you reach 1 million soon!

  9. For 1 mil do a day in a life of cam

  10. We all love you Cam, and if the day shall come where CoC will die, you will still be a great youtuber <3, good luck on the glory road to 1M!

  11. #UnsubFineBros

  12. what song is in minutes 0.50?

  13. cam fpr one million you can make your clan be invinite only

  14. Cam you can do it to 1,000,000 subs!

  15. Suck my di*k and you will get 1 million subscribers ?

  16. Cam I want to ask you a question why do supercell gives us one chance for connecting the accounts from iOS to android or android to iOS

  17. And a Q and A

  18. Do another draw my life!

  19. can you do a th7 with the new air defence video

  20. congrats to 900 subs

  21. aculy I love every mo mm entry since 900k sub

  22. Cam your the bomb I've been watching your vids for a long time so could you try to uploading more in your free time.

  23. nj bro…watching your vid since 100,000 subscribers..?

  24. cqn I join ur clan pls I beg u I am ur biggest fan I have 330 war stars pls

  25. cam nice video I love those moments

  26. 1 like = 1 star

    If no likes, Cam will always suck. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. you deserve the even more than 10 millions man, such a great video