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Clash Of Clans – 9th PERK PUSHING!! (almost done!)

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  1. this is a pay to win game. thats why any none hemmer will not get past titan league

  2. 3 54 skeletons dabbing

  3. What do you use to record your screen?

  4. change your intro of god son coc please its too old

  5. Hi I meet a guy on coc in global chat his name is snacks he is in battle throne he is a great guy just wanted to say that leader of Battle thrones plz make him co leader

  6. Watch the king at 5:01

  7. Gg

  8. Do a replay a Gen look at the scenic

  9. whoo

  10. and Max wix

  11. he's th10 he has max golems and lvl4 pekkas

  12. I hat this

  13. Dark Fallout hit level 9

  14. 855th

  15. Godson make a clan in clash royale

  16. King wall dance at 5:04

  17. FOLLOW MY INSTA _jiipix_

  18. yay I'm great

  19. I'm now 31$t comment

  20. hey godson

  21. I'm 28th comment!

  22. hello