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Clash of Clans | A BETTER TOMORROW | BarbariaNParty Scrimmage Clan War

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  1. Please more LIVE-attacks :)

  2. I subscribed because a verity of quality funny clash vids

  3. I subscribe because I found you really funny just keep doing what your doing and you'll always have people to support you

  4. because your a sick lad and i look forward to your new video every day <3

  5. We love you Cam!!!! F**k the haters they just secretly admire you and are jealous a**holes. I subbed to you cause you were funny and nice. plus ur awesome!!! keep up the work man your doing amazing :)

  6. Bro I personally love your videos because they are hilarious and interesting. I don't care what type of video you make, I just want to watch it. #camdontsuckatmakingvids

  7. Chris, I subscribed because I know that you have a great personality and that your videos are so funny. Please keep on making videos Chris I love ya!

  8. the reason i subscribed to you was because you were unique, and funny too. Pls ignore the haters and make more vids. love you vids cam.

  9. i subscribe to you because ur videos are funny and the clash of clans content, and i would love to see stuff like ur old videos with farming and u uprgrading stuff.

  10. I've watched EVERY video since 2015 and have never lost interest like I did with gala don & godson & moltb& daddy

  11. wy did you make that clan

  12. The videos inspired me to start playing clash and now i am th 7 with a succsessful village in BarbariaNParade plus i also have another th 4 account

  13. A couple of weeks ago i got bored with my usual youtubers. I started looking for some other youtubers and then i stumbled upon your account. It struck me as funny but still very informative for war attacks. I recently upgraded to th 8 and i am trying to master the three star tactics your channel has been a great way for me to do that. Keep up the good work.

  14. The only reason why I subscribe to ur channel, is because ur the only one I know xD.( just kidding)

  15. I subscribed to try and get better at war attacks for th9, little did I know #camsucksatattacking

  16. u r the best.

  17. Hey cam, Ive benn a fan of yours since your 75k video and when I think of Clash with Cam, first thing that pops up is the Barch king. I also love your vids right now Cam, but no its not haters trying to get you down… you simply seemed to be a lot more fun back when you made trolling bases, batches and challenges. I hope for the best and I wish you could be a little more old school again for af least 50k of us 🙂 love you Chris

  18. Thanks we love your vids???

  19. well im subcribe u becuz its funny and i love your video very much…

  20. I subscribed cuz I like every video you make. doesn't matter what content it has. btw great job.

  21. Yes. I love you Cam. I don't care what you make. Go make fucken Hay Day vids even if you want. I'll watch and like them all.

  22. I subscribed to u cuz ur vids r funny and I really like ur content and keep up the great work :)

  23. cool video bro…. ^_^

  24. I subscribed to U cause u play my fav. game and UR sooooooooooooooooo funny

  25. +Clash of Clans with Cam I watch all of your videos because..
    1) They funny as hell!!! xD
    2) I get to know the different strategies in CoC .. and it builds my interests in the game more and more.
    3) You are an amazing guy ! Keep up the good work bruh!
    Talking about making other game videos, you should play GTA V, Gmod or WWE 2k16! :D

  26. I'm not bored with the war videos… I love them!

  27. Chris (cam) I love your videos and I subscribed because you are a funny and a great guy in my opinion. I would like to see more th8 videos tho…or not your choice I will stay subscribed either way. Hope you decide to continue the channel and let me in to pride I got rejected 5 times lol. clash on!

  28. Do more clash royalle vids