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Clash of Clans – A Clashers Day In Champions League

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  1. Can i merry you too? ;o

  2. ._. do u does hybrid base builds?

  3. …well in th9 u just go for gold,elixr,and dark elixer. How to clash.XD.basically

  4. Mr Clasher Would You like to collab with me?

  5. Mr Clasher Would You like to collab with me?

  6. Love the vid bro :D

  7. Not sure what was the black screen delay my fault! Hope you all enjoyed this video and tell me what you think of the video! Can we smash 50 likes?! #Clash

  8. I'm a th9 almost at 3600 trophies and this is pretty accurate :)

  9. Solid

  10. Marry me

  11. 1:32 "I was like." Lol I like bed that part. Fill in the blank people: I was like _________….

  12. gold league is really bad i cant find loot

  13. nice :)

  14. Hey dude can you make me a TH8 anti 3 star base dude thanks

  15. 3rd like

  16. great video btw

  17. I'm early