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  1. Post on my b-day tomorrow !! Plzz

  2. your first video pleas

  3. Do a video of your first video

  4. yo i have the same line 6 amp lol. the sound it gives is amazing.<333

  5. dude u got a good ass house. whats your job man besides youtube

  6. CQOTD: Will you do a go wiwi because I need to learn how to run them

  7. Your so hot

  8. fuck you baby carl

  9. hey cole. you're my favorite youtuber dude. your the reason Im gonna start youtube. im saving up for a camera mike computer etc. what system use for editing?/record with. be great if you could help a bro out with that thanks

  10. I have a pretty good idea why u raised ur hand before u entered that room Cole

  11. Finally me and baby Carl can ATTACK YOU ????

  12. i got clash royale at usa and it is awesome

  13. wow?

  14. Omfg ily!??

  15. Your almost to 1 mil subs dood congrats!!!

  16. when are you going to do a BTD

  17. cool house

  18. chocolate pancakes are Bae

  19. JIFFF!!!????

  20. I just started you tubing

  21. That moment when you live on the other side of the U.S.A and have the same sausage and chicken brand as him, Tyson chicken is amazing

  22. Nice guns

  23. When you do hit 1 mil do a draw my life

  24. Cqotd what part do u live in like what state

  25. Can you show us how we edit???

  26. That SUBARU THO!!!!

  27. how much do u bench Cole?

  28. I also have that mountain painting

  29. that lamp is awsome

  30. no panthers are going to win the super bowl

  31. Your the best YouTube I have ever watched ??????

  32. Guys check out my vid

  33. I've seen that panting before

  34. Finally!!!!!!!!!

  35. 6:59 Just close your eyes, and all will be revealed!

  36. Nice house its really cool, nice car as well.

  37. how do you record your coc vids

  38. The best part of the vid was his feet.

  39. Anyone else see the kid in the washer