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  1. I could never do that I'm a max th9 ??

  2. Favorite Clash of Clans Youtuber <3 Loves from Turkey!

  3. Would a penta have worked on that base considering there is a lava hound in the cc? Or is the defending queen too high level?

  4. nice

  5. VTC Champions clan , my name is kaitou kid .

  6. I'm speechless…

  7. Another nice one ash, been here since 500 subs :)

  8. Ash what do u use to record?

  9. If anyone is looking for a clan. You can join mine T.A.B.U.

  10. ash I lost my 1 account it was a townhall9 how can I get it back have a lot of time I didn't log in

  11. Hey ash id love to copy your clan mates anti three star war base because I'm looking for an anti-war base. Can you let me in your bindle chat, my name is Yeezy

  12. very good Ash ??

  13. Another great video man. I farm with laloonion like you showed in a video not long before this one. And I also think that air attacks are very overpowering. Can you do a video on pentalaloon post TH11 update soon cause I'm getting 3war stars on lower TH9's but having trouble with the maxed9's. Appreciate it man and I'll check you out on bindle later

  14. Thanks for this Ash!

  15. tried that same attack in my war this weekend and failed. this shows me what I did wrong thx ash great work as usual

  16. I think your clan is facing mine right now mister ash!

  17. Great vid ash

  18. nice vid ash i got it try this strategy ty ??

  19. very nice raid???

  20. fourty