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  1. i wanna join ur second clan req n fly,I bookmarked the clan everytime i go to join i find it closed why?sorry for my bad English

  2. Nice video:)

  3. Ban all the cheating fuckers FOREVER!

  4. Ban the fucking bots why players dammit !

  5. I'm not hating on this video I'm just saying that super cell should be banning people who are fucking hacking for gems and taking millions of dollars away from them and scamming the dam system wtf

  6. Dude this is so fucked up I used xmodgames just to check out the sandbox mode and it doesn't do shit and that was so fucking long ago and I was a fucking town hall 7 what the fuck dude this shit doesn't even do anything super cell sandbox doesn't do shit and why the fuck are you doing it to fucking life I was in fucking gold league 2 what kind of fucking shit is this I got banned for life 2 days ago

  7. sup loyal clasher remember me chrristianorolon

  8. Bye bye JadeStar

  9. Heyhey nice bro^^