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Clash Of Clans – ALL EASTER EGGS!?! (Sound effects,Movable icons & More!)

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  1. These aren't Easter eggs…these are new features. ?´╗┐

  2. when you attack someone in your clan do you keep your troops´╗┐

  3. 2:58 clan lv 12 wow!!!´╗┐

  4. Cool´╗┐

  5. Wait for the friendly challenge you can't chafe ur base for it if you're th9+ and there is a war right? help´╗┐

  6. Leval 12 clan!!´╗┐

  7. Cool intro´╗┐

  8. Idk if you addressed it but clans can now be lvl 12´╗┐

  9. #Day&Night Mode.´╗┐

  10. a change In the game is the lvl 1 wizard tower shoots the same fireball as the lvl 1 to 3 wizards´╗┐

  11. Wait lvl 12 clan?´╗┐

  12. More clan perks´╗┐

  13. Galadon + Godson – Galason or Dongod´╗┐

  14. The point for dragging troops in your barracks is to change the order of the troops that are upgrading´╗┐

  15. Giant lvl 8?´╗┐

  16. wow indonesia flag´╗┐

  17. why r your troops way cheaper than normal??´╗┐

  18. Does global chat change as well´╗┐

  19. godson the drag and drop is for like if u started to train stuff but u wanted to train something fist u drag it in front of the other troop´╗┐

  20. @4:53 The Builders And Everything Starts Going Backwards…#illuminati confirmed?´╗┐

  21. Subscribe to me plz daily clash player´╗┐

  22. godson should do an animation where he puts the miners face on the girl who threw a shovel at the other girl´╗┐

  23. How are you already playing it´╗┐

  24. what is that outro song´╗┐

  25. still not gonna play coc it's over we need to let it go clash royale is the new shit´╗┐

  26. They hopefully will fix the edit mode where when you try to fix it it glitches out half the time and you have to reopen the app!´╗┐

  27. is that gem box time going backwards at the end of the video´╗┐

  28. Did anyone see the gem box go backwards´╗┐

  29. At the end why was the builder rewinding the gem box was taking more second and the time was going up´╗┐

  30. The barracks thing is probably to train certain troops like if you have 5 hogs and 1 valk after the hogs you can put the valk infront of the hogs´╗┐

  31. wow the clash royale troops were added to coc´╗┐

  32. did I just saw a lvl 12 clan not the clan castle the clan´╗┐

  33. Godson on my clash of clans account it does not tell me what to upgrade´╗┐

  34. Anyone know when it's out?´╗┐

  35. He used fernanfloo's song´╗┐

  36. Did grand warden walked around the tree in chief's replay´╗┐

  37. did anyone notice the backwards builder lol´╗┐

  38. Clan lvl 12´╗┐

  39. Lvl 12 clan???´╗┐

  40. 400 thousand subs away so godson can get 2 mil´╗┐

  41. Godson can you say yeaaaaaaa to me´╗┐

  42. miner maxed out at lvl4´╗┐

  43. The builder timer now goes up instead of back wards´╗┐

  44. There should be a separate window for friendly challenges that way the chat doesn't get cluttered with request to beat them every 10 seconds´╗┐

  45. if godson and 4 other youtubers comment on this and say start youtube
    and if they all say yes i will start
    i will ask:

    faze adapt
    Cam Sucks at Gaming(clash with cam)

  46. what the first thing clip call?´╗┐