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Clash Of Clans – ALL LVL8 GIANTS RAIDS (Only meat shield teams)

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  1. Godson i dont kow if this will work but since hidden tesla's are a percentage of the raid bake a base with a tesla in the corner of the map. >=)

  2. hey godson can u do all archer queen raids you will get like 8 archer queens in single raid…..

  3. Subscribe in channel "ENRICO TRAVEL THE WORLD" Whatch the sardinia Its beatiful?

  4. ??

  5. i only have 1000 cups (trophys)

  6. where is TH8 video?

  7. g

  8. why do you spread out the Giants and the hero's because if you put the grand warden next to the king and Queen it's would of bin a easy 2 star and plz let me in your clan I'm crystal league

  9. godson nice try but your attacking like kids bro

  10. subscribe to me and I will subscribe back with this account

  11. nice video

  12. Loved the intro! ?

  13. That first base you attacked was a copy of chief pats th11 base

  14. For your intros can you just do funny moments from the video? I've seen other channels do it and they are hilarious check out Cam sucks at gaming. Just a suggestion, but if you like what your doing just keep it going

  15. take a look in my channel, some good stuff

  16. GODSON

  17. Loving the intro ?

  18. Clash of clans is dead theirs almost no ways to advance in cups besides playing the game 24/7

  19. Godson!!! You said 10 minute video this is a 9:58 video ????????????☹️☹️☹️☹️???

  20. في عرب