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Clash Of Clans | ALL NEW MAX AIR TROOPS vs EAGLE ARTILLERY! | Baby Dragons, Balloons & Lava Hounds!

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  7. But he forgot minions and healers´╗┐

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  14. Tony, I'm a TH 9 with baby drags and this guy named Thorin keeps rejecting me. Please let me in I'm a subscriber. My name is The Destroyer. (P.S. Just got TH 9)´╗┐

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  27. I kinda dont like how youtubers attack lower level bases like seriously make it competitive and attack similar level opponets´╗┐

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  41. It will be super funny if you add some sarcasm, me and my friends have been wanting to see a troll attack´╗┐

  42. The next video you should have is a challenge video of 240 goblins vs lvl9 mortars.´╗┐