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Clash Of Clans | ALL NEW MAX AIR TROOPS vs EAGLE ARTILLERY! | Baby Dragons, Balloons & Lava Hounds!

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  1. More like GEMeral tony am I right? (I'm sorry)

  2. nice

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  5. General tony use skelaton spell

  6. #General Tony

  7. But he forgot minions and healers

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  9. I've got 28,000 gems from cash for apps

  10. Bro can you give me th8 or th9 or th10

  11. hi

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  13. #GeneralTony

  14. Tony, I'm a TH 9 with baby drags and this guy named Thorin keeps rejecting me. Please let me in I'm a subscriber. My name is The Destroyer. (P.S. Just got TH 9)


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  19. tony what are u gonna do when u hit 500,000 subs plz answer

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  21. that us a lot of gems


  23. You can name that strat to baby lavaloongon

  24. YouTube

  25. your the best youtuber in youth e

  26. Could u do a th7 base design

  27. I kinda dont like how youtubers attack lower level bases like seriously make it competitive and attack similar level opponets

  28. Plss give me some gem couse your my idol

  29. if u can buy a lot of gems with the cash o
    for apps. why dont just gem your base to 100% max with walls?

  30. Why don't you attack clan mates so you don't waste so many gems for the videos?

  31. Allow general tony u r my best youtuber could i join ur clan im max th7 i bookmarked ur clan i found it plzz could i join. Open the clan plzzzz. Username: ¥$Yunus$¥


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  39. Hey General Tony!

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  41. It will be super funny if you add some sarcasm, me and my friends have been wanting to see a troll attack

  42. The next video you should have is a challenge video of 240 goblins vs lvl9 mortars.