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Clash Of Clans | ALL NEW TROOPS / LEVELS MAXED OUT!! Gemming New Max Level Troops 2016!

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  1. my favorite new troop is the bowler… instead of gowiwi, with wizards attacking 1 building to funnel the skeletons, GoBoWi will be amazing cause the bowlers can take out 2 buildings and better funnel the skeletons, resulting in higher chance of success. also, those valks are a little to op… the top players are using GoVa or mass valks!!! that way to op.´╗┐

  2. I'm guessing you are 23 tony, is that right´╗┐

  3. Mine is the hog raider´╗┐

  4. pls can you open you clan please I beg you ???????????????????????????????´╗┐

  5. I want to join your clan plzzz make the trophies 1,200 and put anyone can join plzzz´╗┐

  6. Hope I win this is my first channel to subscribe like and comment on best of luck guys!´╗┐

  7. max lvl are insane´╗┐

  8. HAHAH it's the Hobo Army´╗┐

  9. general tony : I asking for dragon and lava strategy. give me some info. (megatron). leg of shadows´╗┐

  10. I wish I had money to get gems
    I would appreciate it?´╗┐

  11. HOG RIDERS´╗┐

  12. why have you drop down to masters 2´╗┐

  13. how do I join in giveaway´╗┐

  14. Awesome´╗┐

  15. 4:00 you are guessing? it's a replay…..´╗┐

  16. I would like to see and maxed hog raid with maxed heal spells, that would be a hilarious troll raid!´╗┐

  17. First you said the bowlers are weak THEN you said the were OP´╗┐

  18. can you tell me your clan I'd cause I can't find your clan´╗┐

  19. Valerie´╗┐

  20. hog ridaaaa´╗┐

  21. Hog rider´╗┐

  22. tony your awesome :)!!!´╗┐

  23. valkrie i choose valkries are op there now fast have desent amount of health very high damage and very very fast and swings around with her axe bye tony see you later´╗┐

  24. town hall 9 needs some new attack strategies, might seem to be a good video to make giving us some new ones post update from 7 on up. cause I been failing big time lately.´╗┐

  25. y havent u maxed out the goblins´╗┐

  26. My favorite troop is. VALKIRYE´╗┐

  27. can u do face cam when u get 300k´╗┐

  28. bet there ain't even a give away, my comment was one of the top and Tony deleted my comment, gonna be a fake winner for views´╗┐

  29. Wiz´╗┐

  30. hog rider´╗┐

  31. JOIN MY CLAN EliteClashers7´╗┐


  33. What about the giveaway???´╗┐

  34. he fogot the level 7 goblen´╗┐

  35. i would choose bowler´╗┐

  36. Hog are op´╗┐

  37. Hogs are pretty good th7 and 8 all heal spell and hogs and wiz work awesome three star everytime with lvl 1 hogs also´╗┐

  38. When is the giveaway gonna be´╗┐

  39. who won the give a way´╗┐

  40. wassup´╗┐

  41. wen is the give away taking place´╗┐

  42. yuy my first vids have been posted ^_^. Great vid tony ;)´╗┐

  43. Mine is Valkyrie ´╗┐

  44. I've been thinking of a new troop which could absorb some hitpoints of the structures it destrtoyes. something that looks like a death reaper.´╗┐

  45. every youtuber wants to use bowlers but they are useless´╗┐

  46. Happy Easter Tony:)´╗┐

  47. upgrade your heros tony´╗┐

  48. I Luz the valk´╗┐

  49. do the minion walk just minions and healers´╗┐

  50. I BECAME TH3 OMG ………..just kidding lol´╗┐