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Clash Of Clans All New Updates | Friendly War | Army Training & Quick Train | New Defense

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  1. when does it comout?

  2. and can you please make a new th8 war base layout when clash of clans update .

  3. when's the update ?

  4. plz guyz support me join my new clan #GJYCVPY9….NiNjas iRl…

  5. when does the update come?

  6. The remix in the end is fabulous

  7. Jack, how soon will you make new base designs for the update?

  8. when can we expect the next update

  9. cool

  10. Check out my channel if you can thanks

  11. I like this update very much:)

  12. للأفادة… راح يكون في التحديث الجديد امكانيه التحدي مع أي قبيلة و القائد يرسل لها التحدي وعدد الاشخاص الي يحددهم .
    لايك منكم حبايب ???

  13. bác ơi có farming base nào tốt ở gold 1 ko ạ

  14. I love it! What do you think about the clan

  15. when will come new update ?

  16. love ur bases jack

  17. Thanks for all the vids bro !!!!!

  18. 1st